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Healthspring and XCode collaborate to launch Gene Health Programme

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The programme to help predict illnesses and take preventive measures, especially for children and adults

Healthspring and Xcode Life Sciences have come together to launch a new programme – The Gene Health programme for kids and adults. This programme starts with a gene analysis which predicts and identifies any predispositions that an individual has for a particular chronic disease. A prevention plan is then customised for a particular person after understanding his unique health profile.

The programme includes:

  • Genetic assessment via a saliva test

  • Comprehensive assessment, including family history, medical history, bio-medical parameters, lifestyle and genetic predispositions

  • Comprehensive assessment report and recommendations

  • Counselling programme with a team of physicians, dieticians and physiotherapists, targeting areas such as heart health, weight management, energetics, performance, inflammation and immunity.

Speaking on the launch of this programme, Kaushik Sen, Co-Founder and CEO, Healthspring said, “With the launch of the Gene Health Programme, we would like to reach out to people who would like to make their lives healthier and be prepared to take precautionary measures, if any probable health problems/ aliments are indicated.

Further commenting on the Gene Health programme, Saleem Mohammed, CEO, Xcode Life Sciences said, “The Gene Health Program enables us to assist and reach out to people with the help of genetics and bioinformatics. This program is key towards addressing top lifestyle-related health factors that are affecting corporate citizens across the globe and we will look to address these issues jointly with Healthspring.”

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