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Madhavbaug, Ruby Hall registers for clinical trial on heart blockages reversal

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The IntraVascular UltraSonography allows one to see the coronary artery from the inside-out

Madhavbaug, a chain of cardiac care clinics and hospitals is in concordat to start a joint venture with Ruby hall to perform major nation research on the effects of the Panchakarma treatment on the patients suffering from a blockage in the coronary arteries. They have registered with the Clinical Trial Registry of India (CTRI) to execute the research.

Dr Jagdish Hiremath will be the principal investigator of the research being conducted. He has the distinction of being the first doctor in Pune and among very first few doctors in India, to perform coronary angioplasties. He has handled some of Maharashtra’s most complex cases and on numerous occasions has been brought on as an expert and saviour to redo failed angioplasties. He specialises in handling any kind of coronary conditions including acute Myocardial Infractions, Chronic Total Occlusion, LIMA and many more.

The treatment will be conducted on 30 patients suffering from the blockages for four weeks. 50 per cent of patients will be treated with the healing provided by Madhavbaug, whereas the remaining patients will be continuing with their standard medicines.

The IVUS –IntraVascular UltraSonography will be performed before and after the treatment. The IVUS allows one to see the coronary artery from the inside-out. This unique point-of-view picture, generated in real time, yields information that goes beyond what is possible with routine imagining methods. The IVUS has become increasingly important in both clinical and research applications. It has facilitated the refinement of diagnostic and therapeutic strategies for various vascular pathologies.

Due to this research, a new and promising approach can be statistically proved for the long-term management of the disease that the patients suffer through. Staying true to the vision of reducing mortality and morbidity, this research will be a step towards achieving larger goals, with a view of doing greater things in the near future.

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