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SMT starts S-Flex Registry in Netherlands

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The study plans to enroll 1000 patients across eight centers in Netherlands

Sahajanand Medical Technologies (SMT), manufacturer of cardiovascular medical stents, announced the start of its S-flex Netherlands Registry. The Netherlands registry is the second in series post the successful completion of the UK registry early this year. SMT plans to enrol 1000 patients across eight centres in Netherlands with an aim to evaluate the safety and efficacy of Supraflex (DES) in real world all comer patient population requiring coronary intervention.

Dr AJJ Ijsselmuiden, principal investigator from Amphia hospital, Breda, Netherlands will be at the helm of the study. The enrolment process has already received a positive response with the admission of its first patient on February 27, 2018 at Amphia hospital, Breda. Currently, four out of the eight centres have already started the enrolment process.

Gaurav Goel, Head-Western Europe at SMT said, “We believe ultrathin 60-micron struts, bio-degradable polymer and proven anti proliferative drug are the intrinsic elements to superior performance of Supraflex. This increases our confidence and we are sure that this study will replicate fantastic results of S-Flex UK registry in heart land Europe and will further complement vast clinical data of over 14,000 patients of SMT Family of DES.”

Ganesh Sabat, CEO, SMT said, “We at SMT are committed to deliver better clinical outcomes through our range of ultrathin biodegradable polymer DES. Ultra-thin platform of Supraflex stent promotes early healing that result in better clinical result. The stent has also shown superior clinical result in various sub categories of patients. We are confident that our Netherlands S-Flex study will produce positive and excellent clinical outcomes that physicians expect from a next generation DES. This study has further amplified our commitment to work towards the welfare of patients around the world through scientific clinical data. We intend to position Supraflex as a work horse stent with superior benefits.”

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