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Toffee Insurance and Mobiefit join hands


Toffee’s fitness coverage, will be extended to users at no additional cost as part of Mobiefit’s subscription packages

Toffee Insurance, an all-digital insurance platform for millennials, will integrate with Mobiefit, an Indian fitness technology training start-up. This partnership works on insurtech contextualisation. StayFit Toffee, Toffee’s fitness coverage, will be extended to users at no additional cost as part of Mobiefit’s subscription packages.

All Mobiefit subscribers, new and existing, will be able to avail StayFit insurance during this three month long pilot. StayFit Toffee is an annual policy, retailing at Rs. 430 for the year cover.

Gul Panag, Co-Founder, Mobiefit said, “Community is key. To stay motivated you need a support system and accountability. Working out on our own time takes dedication, but the Mobiefit app fosters engagement and connections, creating a tribe. Mobiefit is building a community between user communities and like-minded brands such as Toffee.”

Sushant Chavan, Venture Head, Mobiefit, shared, “Our subscribers pan-India understand that fitness is no longer a luxury, but a necessity. Many people consider injuries simply as a part and parcel of running and working out, only considering insurance under a lens of traditional health insurance – but this is not the case. The kind of physical therapy and treatment needed for sports injuries can involve specialised rehabilitation centres, which cost a substantial amount of money. But if you are covered, all this is taken care of. Collaborating with Toffee ensures safety, and is a great value addition for our users.”

StayFit Toffee offers coverage for OPD hospital charges upto Rs 5000, Inpatient hospitalisation charges up to Rs 95,000, Ambulance charges upto Rs 2000, Accidental death or disablement upto Rs. 1,00,000, Treatment for broken bones upto Rs 20,000, 80 per cent of the cost of a wheelchair or crutches up to Rs 10,000.

Rohan Kumar, CEO & Co-Founder, Toffee , speaking on the collaboration said, “Fitness insurance is a new concept. We’re encouraging safety, while fostering the pursuit of fitness. Our aim for the association is to make insurance relevant to millennials. We’re saying do a triathlon, run a 10k, do another rep. You try to be conscious of your body’s limits and accidents, but you should be conscious of your wallet too in case things go wrong.”

The synergies between the two technology platforms is to empower customers to live healthy, independent lives.

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