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We are spending a significant amount on R&D

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Ashwani Raina, Deputy-Director, Ultrasound Imaging System, Mindray Medical India talks about the company’s vision, incorporating AI, and the evolving healthcare sector in India with Prabhat Prakash

Are you launching any new technology at IRIA 2020?

From the technology perspective, I would say that there is not something we are launching here; I am talking about the series X Insight. We have a number of products under this platform of X Insight and we have high-end technology available for the lower and mid-end segment as well. We provide an opportunity to every customer starting at, I would say, a subset of a budget of Rs 15-16 lakhs up to that of 70 lacks plus. We are making healthcare affordable across the length and breadth of the segment.

AI is the talk of the town. We have incorporated certain features of AI in our systems. We have incorporated several tools which have reduced the observation time for ultrasounds dramatically.

What is the most pressing need for the healthcare system in India, according to you?

There are multiple Indias within India, and we are facing multiple challenges on different levels. At the same time, the good thing is that there is a good rise in the middle class’s awareness. The government is bringing out great initiatives, and there is a lot of investment coming in from it, and insurance has brought ease to the masses. In terms of products, we need a mixture of everything. In India, every segment has its place. The equipment value has come down. An ultrasound machine that you would purchase in Rs 50 lakh 10 years ago has come down to Rs 20-25 lakhs. Giving customers the right solutions is key. At Mindray, we aim to give our customers the complete package- from diagnosis to the equipment needed in the operation theatres.

Are you investing in R&D?

We are spending a significant amount on R&D. We regularly and frequently deliver new products in the market. We are quite strong in R&D and we have done good acquisitions since the company’s inception from multiple R&D centres around the world.

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