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World Heart Day: Latest trends in cardiac surgeries


Dr Bipeenchandra Bhamre is a cardiothoracic Surgeon at Sir HN Reliance Foundation Hospital & Research Centre with years of experience in complex heart surgeries. Dr Bhamre discusses the use of latest tech and equipment to treat CVADs and how holistic treatments are key for faster recovery of patients, with Tanuvi Joe

eh-drbhamre-cardiacsurgeryAre pollution and work stress causing CVDs and heart ailments in young people ? Why?
Air pollution has been associated with increased cardiovascular mortality in some studies, particularly significantly increased particle PM 2.5 in the air is associated with blood vessels. The elderly population who already has atherosclerotic plaques in the coronaries have increased chances of getting heart attacks. The pollution by PM 2.5 is mainly due to fuel and industrial air pollution.

These causes have been shown to disrupt the plaques leading to heart attacks but we need to conduct more studies to further learn the association of pollution and increased heart attacks. Even chronic work stress can lead to increased stress hormones, high blood pressure and diabetes which are all risks factors for heart attacks.

In recent years, what are the various trends you have observed while performing cardiac surgeries?
This is a very exciting time for cardiac surgery. We have plenty of advanced equipment and we understand care in a much better way compared to the previous decade. Newer technologies help patients to recover faster, they help us manage more critical patients to give them a new lease on life. For eg. we recycle patients’ own blood during surgery and this reduces requirement of multiple blood transfusions. In recent times, minimal access surgery options are available for highly selected patient groups. All this is benefiting the patients and speeding up the recovery time.

Can you elaborate on robotic surgery and how is it more beneficial in treating of CVDs ?
Robotically assisted cardiac surgery is a minimally invasive cardiac surgery where we don’t open the breastbone. Using this technology we can perform operations through small incisions with rapid patient recovery, less pain and less blood transfusions. This technique is not suitable for all patients. For example, in cases where one has heart blocks involving the left anterior descending artery, this technology won’t be applicable.

Why do you think holistic treatment is important for the smooth recovery of a patient ?
When we speak about holistic healing, we are looking at the person as whole, body and mind. It’s not only about the heart. Your mind should also be prepared, enabling the cardiac surgery experience to be more effective.

Can India take a cue from the cardiac healthcare models in developing countries?
I have worked extensively in India as well as abroad. Technology wise, our private hospitals are similarly equipped as in the West. Our doctors are at par in knowledge, skills, dedication and open to adopting new technologies. Our society is different than the West. Implementation of the same health care models across our country will take some time. But the process of availability of the best care for our patients and improved infrastructure has been gaining pace.

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