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Introducing Gen-next Analysers by DiaSys


DiaSys India recently announced its foray in the field of haematology by launching very innovative haematology systems in respons family. Harshad Bhanushali, Product Manager, gives an insight

Harshad Bhanushali

DiaSys Diagnostics India, a subsidiary of DiaSys Diagnostic systems, ventured in the Indian diagnostic market in the year 2014 by introducing a gamut of new and innovative tests and analysers.

Healthcare industry has the tradition of respecting innovations. Three kinds of innovation can make healthcare better and cheaper. One changes the way patients buy and use healthcare. Another uses technology to develop new products and treatments or otherwise improve care. The third generates new business models, particularly those that involve the horizontal or vertical integration of separate health care organisations or activities.

In line with the above trend, DiaSys India recently announced foray in the field of haematology by launching very innovative haematology systems in respons family. These systems are christened as respons 3H and respons 5H – innovative 3 part & 5 part differential haematology analysers.

These technologically innovative systems perfectly compliment broad existing product portfolio of biochemistry, urine analysis, and point-of-care.

With a footprint of A4 size paper and weight of approximately 9 kilograms, these are the new Gen-Next instruments in the field of haematology currently present in the Indian IVD market.

Cutting-edge technology

  • respons haematology analysers are equipped with many exiting features.
  • Shear rotary valve: respons haematology analysers are one of the very few analysers that use a shear rotary valve (SRV) for sample aspiration.
  • For respons 5H, the sample volume aspirated is 25 µL and processed volume is just 2 x 1 µL.
  • For respons 3H, the sample volume aspirated is 9.6 µL and the processed volume is just 2.4 µL
  • Just one drop of blood is required!!
  • Microfluidics: respons haematology analysers utilise microfluidics in a miniaturised module resulting in very low sample volume and thus very low reagent consumption. 70 per cent less reagent consumption than other analysers
  • Economic operations: Low running costs

Teflon tubing: Unlike majority of the analysers, respons haematology analysers utilises 100 per cent Teflon tubing resulting in very less wear and tear and thus low maintenance.
Elegant design with user friendly software: Very simple and self-instructive software, which helps user navigate easily through the software. Just like a smart phone!!
Remote access: Remote access tool gives the engineers an opportunity to connect with the analysers greatly reducing its down time.

Respons haematology Systems are state-of-the-art instruments with an elegant design and smallest footprint.

Respons 5H has measuring principle of laser based flow cytometry and volumetric impedance method along with microfluidics, reporting 26 parameters with two histograms and one Scattergram.

Respons 3H has measuring principle of volumetric impedance method along with microfluidics, reporting 22 parameters with three histograms.

Respons haematology analysers utilise only three reagents in the smallest of quantities

With respons haematology analysers, we also contribute to the ‘go green initiative’ with use of low volume cyanide free reagents, thus generating very less waste, low power consumption and avoid paper printing.

Contact Details:
DiaSys Diagnostics India
Plot No. A-821, TTC Indl. Area,
Mahape, Navi Mumbai – 400710
Mob: +91 9029023012
Fax: +91 (022) 3371 4333
E-mail: [email protected]
Website: www.diasys.in

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