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ASSOCHAM presents HealthTech Convention on September 25, 2020

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The Associated Chamber of Commerce and Industry of India (ASSOCHAM) is pleased to present HealthTECH Convention highlighting the theme “Reshaping Healthcare in India” scheduled to be  organised virtually on September 25, 2020, as one of the pioneer sector of the SMARTecIndia 2020 initiative – India’s first and largest exhibition on smart technologies. Digital health is reaching a crucial turning point. EXPRESS HEALTHCARE is the official media partner for the event.

With a growing array of digitally enabled health applications capturing the public imagination, increasing numbers of consumer brands entering the digital health space, and the industry attracting record levels of investor interest, the stage looks set for the transformation of healthcare delivery models.

Hospitals and health services are under increased pressure from escalating costs and growing demand. The ability to harness digital disruption is key to easing the strain and delivering more adaptable and efficient healthcare. Collaboration and change management can facilitate implementation and help overcome the barriers posed by issues of security, engagement and integration.

Where and how can digital technologies, devices and applications, and the data they produce, have the most meaningful impact? How can they be evaluated to assess their effectiveness in terms of cost savings and enhanced experiences and outcomes for patients? To what extent can innovation promote wellness and relieve the burden on services?

This convention will answer these questions and many more as it explores ways to implement digital transformation and improve the impact of innovation. Discussion will delve deep into the constraints and opportunities and consider how patients, hospitals, clinicians, pharma companies, insurers, innovators, investors and regulators can work together to ensure that technology is efficient and consistent in meeting the evolving needs of patients and in sustaining high-value integrated care. 

ASSOCHAM in partnership with Ministry of Information Technology & Electronics, Government of India has announced the launch of SMARTecIndia2020 on September 25, 2020, aimed to be a highly cost-effective sales tool for smart technologies which ensures round the clock global outreach to potential business prospects, providing complete flexibility of timing and convenience for visitors from any geography.

For more information, visit: or contact Anshul Gupta at [email protected] / +91-9999565047.

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