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Mobile DR solutions turning the tide in COVID management

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Navjot Singh, President – Medical Imaging, Trivitron Healthcare explains why the COVID-19 pandemic has spurred demand for mobile DR systems and how this is helping to curb infection

With the rapid spread of COVID-19, healthcare facilities have placed their focus on diagnostic X-ray system to provide much needed diagnostic imaging facilities. On the other hand mobile digital radiography (DR) systems are at the forefront in providing an initial screening for pneumonia & pneumothorax, a developed stage of COVID-19 in severe cases.

In the Emergency Room (ER), the patient’s life can depend on fast, accurate diagnostic imaging – with no time to wait for equipment availability or imaging retakes which makes mobile DR a more viable alternative to a CT scan.

Mobile DR systems find endless applications in COVID-19 therapy and management. Mobile DR imaging systems can be deployed in makeshift or temporary hospitals, emergency rooms, A&E facilities, and in ICU. Mobile DR imaging systems offer benefits of portability, low maintenance, prompt output, and low operating costs compared to other radio diagnostic alternatives.

Advantages of mobile DR systems for COVID-19 patient diagnosis

Mobile DR systems are endorsed by several leading health regulatory bodies for use in ambulatory care facilities due to the ease with which these systems can be sanitised.

The portability factor associated with mobile DR systems has been the greatest advantage associated with it.

Mobile DR systems also allow health practitioners to bring the equipment to the patient, rather than having to bring the patient to the equipment thus proving extremely vital for serious cases of COVID-19. Also, mobile DR equipment designated for COVID-19 imaging allows the flexibility to be set up closer to intensive care units, decreasing the risk of virus transmission.

One major advantage of a mobile DR system is the wireless data transmission from COVID ward to anywhere in the centre, which allows for radiographers to access the data without any physical transfer of cassette/detector thereby limiting the chances of spread of the infection for the healthcare providers.

The benefits of mobile DR Units in COVID-19 management

Mobile DR systems are proven advantageous in curbing the spread of the infection as well as in the management of COVID-19 disease in the following ways:

  • Mobile DR systems are comparatively economical and are therefore the perfect choice for makeshift COVID care centers, and hospitals.
  • Mobile DR systems are portable and can be easily sterilised and cleaned thus reducing the risk of microbial contamination.
  • Mobile DR units can be transported to the patient who cannot move or is bedridden, especially for patients on ventilation.
  • Mobile DR systems can be, when needed, transported to service centres for repairs, servicing etc.

 The future of mobile DR technology

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been an increase in the demand for mobile DR systems. With the healthcare fraternity becoming aware of the benefits associated with mobile DR systems, and the possibility of a similar pandemic in the future, healthcare establishments may consider switching to mobile diagnostic equipment and DR systems that provide ease of sterilisation, software and hardware features which enable increased patient and radiographer protection, quicker image processing, workflow optimisation, and intuitive software that helps in clinical decision-making. These factors confirm a bright future of mobile DR technology particularly mobile X-Rays.

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