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Physiotherapy beyond conventional boundaries

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Rupal Sancheti, Director, HealYos, Home-Physiotherapy Centre powered by Sancheti Hospital, Pune gives examples of how physiotherapy as a healing mechanism is becoming more popular not only among people but also among healthcare professionals

The field of physiotherapy has seen many interesting developments in the recent past in India. With more awareness, this healing mechanism is becoming more popular not only among people but also among healthcare professionals.

Increasing demand for online physiotherapy sessions:

Many new trends are coming up in the field of physiotherapy in India. Things like teleconsultation and online physiotherapy are preferred options these days. People are finding home-based physiotherapy more convenient than visiting a hospital every time. During the recent pandemic times, online physiotherapy sessions have become popular.

When it is difficult for people to visit the hospital for many days post-surgery or post-injury, many are trying to solve this problem by offering home-based physiotherapy.

Physiotherapists are becoming recovery partners for budding sportspersons

Elite sportspersons are taking consultations abroad for injuries. But, budding sportspersons, do not have access or resources to take training from physiotherapists. But it is these budding sportspersons who will play at the international level if proper guidance is given.

A lot of careers in sports do not come to fulfilment because of injuries. If they do not have enough knowledge on how to recover from these injuries they will not be able to go ahead. It is in these fields that physiotherapists can play a major role in India.

Physiotherapists are offering sports clubs to become their recovery partners. They have also drafted performance enhancement programs for budding sportspersons. Many physiotherapists, these days, work under the code of conduct related to various sports. Physiotherapists can advise on safe participation, maximise performance, and avoid injuries.

For sportspersons, detailed assessment and extensive training programs are coming up. Nowadays, physiotherapists are working towards early identification of risk factors, injury prevention, and performance enhancement of sportspersons. Physiotherapists are also doing ergonomic analysis and modification for a better-suited work environment.

Emphasis on rehabilitation of patients before surgery

Physiotherapy is conventionally considered a post-operative rehabilitation treatment approach. But some have started working in prehabilitation i.e. Physiotherapy to prepare patients for surgery which ensures faster and complete recovery after the surgery.

There is increasing importance and focus on rehabilitation. Comprehensive body healing programs are coming up for athletes, pregnant women, elderlies, etc. Physiotherapists are playing a big role in treating sports injuries, pregnancy-induced pain, and enabling elderlies to carry out daily activities independently.

Ergonomic analysis and other services for corporate companies are coming up

In recent times as work from home is increasing, not only many companies but even professionals have approached physiotherapists to help them with ergonomic analysis. Physiotherapists have guided them on how to set up a work station at home. They have directed them on how should they place their table, chair, and laptop; what exercises should they do, etc.

Physiotherapists are going beyond conventional offerings in orthopedics

Gone are the days when physiotherapy was majorly concerned with orthopedic problems. Nowadays, people with common neurological disorders are taking extensive rehabilitation care. We are catering to people suffering from stroke, Parkinson’s Diseases, Traumatic Brain Injuries, Multiple Sclerosis, and Cerebral Palsy.

These days, many gynaecologists are asking women to take physiotherapy sessions post-pregnancy. We are working to make gynaecologists aware of the role of physiotherapy for a woman after pregnancy. Apart from pregnancy-induced pain, women are taking consultations for other pelvic issues like urinary incontinence, prolapse, pelvic floor muscle weakness, etc

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