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Ayurvedic cancer drug ‘Kudos CM 9’ launched

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Researched by GoI’s Ministry of Science & Technology, CSIR-IICB, the drug is beneficial in both benign and malignant tumour treatment

Ayurvedic cancer Drug ‘Kudos CM 9’ was launched in New Delhi. Developed by Government of India’s, Ministry of Science & Technology, (Council of Scientific & Industrial Research-Indian Institute of Chemical Biology) CSIR-IICB, the drug was launched on World Cancer Day.

“Kudos CM9 is the result of 30 years of extensive research by Govt. of India’s Ministry of Science & Technology, CSIR-IICB to find the first ever ayurvedic cancer cure drug which has no side effects and has been proven to be the most effective and the safest medicine for the dreadful disease cancer,” said Prof Chitra Mandal, Senior Scientist, Cancer Biology & Inflammatory Disorder Division, CSIR- IICB.

Kudos CM 9 is beneficial in both benign and malignant tumour treatment. It is very highly useful in curing early stage / early diagnosed cancer patients and in controlling further spread of cancer growth in patients undergoing chemotherapy, radiotherapy and hormone therapy also prevents relapse of cancer.

“Kudos CM9 helps to fight cancer by blocking certain cancer promoting enzymes and hormones. Kudos CM9 helps to prevent cancer in high risk individuals. The drug also possesses antimutagenic, chemoprotective and radioprotective properties,” explained Dr Priyanka, CEO, Kudos Ayurveda .


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