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Meddo launches COVID-19 testing in Delhi NCR

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Meddo has partnered with ICMR authorised labs for COVID-19 tests

Meddo has started booking for COVID-19 (RT-PCR) testing in Delhi NCR, making it the first enabler in the capital. Meddo has partnered with ICMR authorised labs. 

Meddo will enable patients to book COVID-19  tests on its website, app as well as through the dedicated support system. The pricing of the test will be Rs 4,500 as mandated by the government. Patients will be required to register on the platform, and have to submit the requisite documents such as doctor prescription, Patient proforma TRF, Government and other documents listed here

Speaking on the initiatives taken, Saurabh Kochhar, Co-Founder, Meddo says, “We have built a one stop platform for our user base to learn and educate themselves about the virus, have targeted innovations to deploy tools like tele, video consult, symptom checker and sample booking to help provide a seamless experience. We make zero to negative margins on the tests at the capped pricing of Rs 4,500; but we decided to go ahead with the offering as faster and extensive testing is the only way to control the spread of the virus. To that effect, we would also be soon launching Rapid test kits that would be cheaper and much faster to administer.”

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