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OZO.Life launches Rapid Test Kit for COVID-19

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The LFIA technology has latex particles that offer advantage of binding rightly with antibodies, resulting in highest accuracy

The OZO COVID-19 Rapid test kits technology comprises of Latex Enhanced lateral flow immunoassay (LFIA), providing enhanced sensitivity, making it the preferred choice for the doctors to detect the coronavirus infection at its early stage.

Latex Enhanced LFIA performs significantly better with its high accuracy and sensitivity parameters compared with the Colloidal Gold based method which is presently available in the rapid self-test kits market. With Colloidal Gold method, it is not possible to orient the binding of antibodies or to attach them covalently. The newer method from OZO Life addresses some of the major performance issues. Using Latex Enhanced Lateral flow immunoassays (LFIAs) under optimal conditions has accuracy rate of up to 98 per cent.

OZO.Life has received CE certification, European approval for the COVID-19 Test at Home Kits, and has also been listed by the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), India. OZO.Life is aiming for the US FDA certification in the following weeks.

OZO has launched three variants of its products-

 OZO COVID-19 Rapid DIY At-Home Test Kits:

  • OZO Silver – OZO SARS-CoV-2 IgM Method
  • OZO Gold – OZO SARS-CoV-2 IgG Method
  • OZO Diamond- OZO SARS-CoV-2 IgM + IgG Method

 The technology of OZO COVID-19 Rapid Test Kit

This LFIA technology has latex particles that offer the advantage of binding rightly with antibodies, resulting in the highest accuracy. This makes the OZO COVID-19 Rapid test kits the most user-friendly and a highly reliable choice. 

Rapid tests the need of the hour

  • Number of COVID-19 positive cases per hour is 10,000 (and it is rising). Quality testing and containment matters the most at this hour.
  • Exposure in the hospitals and labs is extreme – early detection is important.
  • According to newscientist[dot]com, in China, 86 per cent of cases were asymptomatic or with mild conditions, were the source for 79 per cent of further infected cases.
  • Cases of discharged patients getting re-infected is being reported.
  • Swabbing samples in some Hospitals are creating huge backlogs and resulting in delays.
  • PCR methods employed in the labs take several hours to days to give results. This bottle-neck can be eased with the self-help test kits from OZO.

OZO with its manufacturing facilities in three locations is presently producing 300,000 test kits per day and is planning to double the capacity within two weeks from now.

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