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Healthcare Sabha 2018 | Empowering public health with digital technologies


Mallika Kapur, CEO, NextGen eSolutions in her presentation gave an overview of the advances and developments in the Indian healthcare IT space and how it has more potential to fix the existing public health issues of our country. She also gave an update on the solutions her company offers in the public health domain.

Kapur narrated the journey of how humans computed medical data within hospitals prior to 1950s and how these systems changed over years. She further updated the audience on the developments in medical information systems and how the focus of healthcare IT system moved from basic collation of data to quality analytics and more.

She later spoke on digital technologies that are currently shaping healthcare delivery models. She also informed on how patients today are getting empowered with various available digital technology such as wearables, health apps and more.

Kapur also spoke on the HIS systems offered by her company. She informed that they are currently working with the Indian Army for an LIS system which has helped the army to standardise medical processes within their hospitals. Later, she shared some case studies of success stories which hospitals were able to achieve using NextGen’s HIS systems.

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