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Modi Sarkar Ke Teen Saal Kya Hain Desh Ke Sehat Ka Haal?


Health has been one of the priority areas in the current government’s manifesto. Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government, which came to power in May 2014, had pledged universal healthcare for all Indians and promised the much needed reforms in healthcare by way of improving public healthcare infrastructure, increasing doctor-patient ratio, ensuring better governance of health programmes, uprooting corruption, streamlining processes, framing new policies that would set high standards ensuring quality healthcare and, above all, revolutionising healthcare delivery with the help of digital technology.

It has been three years since the Modi administration officially commenced its functions. Till date, the administration has taken some significant steps towards achieving its goals yet a lot more needs to be done.

What will the ‘Modi Sarkar’ do next to bridge the gaps in healthcare? Has the government really brought about the change that they promised to bring? How has the government fared in terms of bringing in accessibility and affordable of healthcare for all?

Will Modi’s ambitious goals see light or remain pipe dreams? In this issue, stakeholders of the healthcare industry in India share their  sentiments and opinions about these questions and review the reforms initiated by Modi Sarkar

There has been a paradigm shift in the approach, from sickness care to health and wellness care
Hospital reforms and stringent regulations to rein in the private sector are urgently required
Making world-class healthcare available and affordable
Policies need to be supported by action
Government is seen to be acting on making healthcare affordable
On the healthcare front there has been little progress
The government needs to look for ways to bring down the overall cost of providing healthcare without compromising on quality
Some good initiatives but no major changes visible on the ground
Modi: The Much – Needed Antibiotic – Some Side Effects too
Capping of prices for certain implants has reduced the cost burden on the patients
Universal health insurance would be a massive wealth transfer from taxpayers to the private sector
Riding the Make in India wave in the Indian IVD industry
Even with limitations, the Health Policy is forward-looking
Enhancement in health is the primary agenda

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