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Health Vectors wins digital health competition at 2017 HITLAB Innovators Summit: India

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2017 HITLAB Innovators Summit: India was held in New Delhi

The 2017 HITLAB Innovators Summit: India, which was recently held in New Delhi, named the developers of myhealthvectors as the winner of 2017 HITLAB World Cup: India, a digital health tech challenge. The competition took place before medical technology thought leaders at the 2017 HITLAB Innovators Summit: India.

Health Vectors is revolutionising personal health management by collecting clinical and personal health data from individuals (via hospitals, insurance companies, and corporations) and providing them with hyper-personal, actionable insights using predictive analytics and machine learning. The company’s goal is to eradicate chronic diseases globally. Its personal health analytics engine also helps various stakeholders in the hospital, health insurance, and corporate sectors by providing deep insights into an individual’s current and future health.

“It was truly a humbling experience winning the 2017 HITLAB World Cup: India and being part of a prestigious programme,” said Dr Subhasish Sircar, Founder and CEO, Health Vectors. “Health Vectors is now squarely focussed on explosive growth in hospitals, insurance companies, and corporate verticals. Recognition by, and collaboration with, HITLAB will go a long way toward establishing the key relationships globally that are essential for such growth.”

According to Devmalya Sarkar, Summit Director, HITLAB, organiser of the event, “The HITLAB World Cup: India enables highly creative healthcare technology entrepreneurs to showcase ideas with the highest probability of significant diffusion that will lead to healthcare transformation. The competition is the highlight of our HITLAB Innovators Summit: India, an event packed with engaging talks, panel discussions, and presentations on the latest evidence of high-growth health innovations.”

He continued, “We congratulate Health Vectors and all the finalists, who produced exceptional solutions to pressing health challenges. We are inspired by their dedication, and determined to advance their projects as well as others through HITLAB’s extensive collaborative network.”

Health Vectors earned top honours by demonstrating the outstanding impact, innovation, feasibility, and business sustainability of its idea to judges Dr Pinak Shrikhande, Principal, Healthquad and Director, Critinext; Sunil Thakur, Director and COO at Quadria Capital; Ron Lancaster, Director, Corporate Research at Boston Scientific; and Frank Fries, Director of Information Technology and Product Management at HITLAB.

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