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Keeping a continuum of care is essential to build, sustain trust amongst patients: Dr Ramesh Kancharla

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Dr Ramesh Kancharla, Chairman & Managing Director, Rainbow Children’s Hospital, Chennai

We should never forget that healthcare, first and foremost, is a need-based service. Thus, even if we may want people to walk into our hospitals, we should also be willing, now more than ever, to walk into their homes – in this case, with the aid of technology-enabled services. 

Keeping a continuum of care is essential for a brand to build (and sustain) the component of TRUST amongst its patients, and reassuring patients that no matter what, we are there for them. 

A strong process and quality-driven operations team is critical to approaching any unwarranted contingency situation and deliver the best clinical outcome without additional unwarranted risks. 

Being an early adopter of technological innovations, embracing ideas and options that aspire to provide a better consumer experience without compromise on clinical quality is crucial for a healthcare organisation to stay relevant. 

Above all this, the spirit of the people and the culture of the organisation is of paramount importance. The importance of all healthcare workers has to be recognised and appreciated not just in a critical situation, but round the clock, keeping in mind the fact that it is our manpower and the goodwill among our healthcare warriors that helps us face challenges like the one world is facing now.

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