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Healthcare Senate 2018


Healthcare Senate 2018 celebrated the business community in the Healthcare sector

Inaugural Ceremony

Responsibility and sustainability go hand in hand | Dr K M Cherian

Samsung Vision for Health and Medical Industry | Atantra Das Gupta

Learnings from the Silicon Valley: A story of grit and glory | Sanjeev Saxena

Philips’ Vision for Indian healthcare | Rohit Sathe

Panel Discussion | NHPS: The way forward

Address by Chief Guest: Satyendra Kumar Jain

Innovative models of healthcare | Dr Renuka David

Panel Discussion | Access strategies in the era of price control

Express Healthcare Excellence Awards celebrated the spirit of excellence and leadership

Mind of an innovator | Aakash Manoj

Panel Discussion | Business Culture: Why core values matter?

New age digital banking solutions for the Healthcare segment | Murali Krishnan

Address by Chief Guest: Ashwini Kumar Choubey

Emergence of medical devices in India | Sunil Khurana

Physicians, heal thyself | Mickey Mehta

Decreasing variation and increasing value in healthcare | Tim Morris

Panel Discussion | Growth Agenda: The battle for sustained innovation leadership

Infection prevention and protection: The single use dilemma | Sumit Marwah

Cloud and AI in Indian healthcare | Ankit Sinha

Panel Discussion | Consolidation in healthcare: Putting the best foot forward

Express Healthcare announces Best Hospital Pharmacy Citations 2018

Ayushman Bharat for incremental change | Dr Vinod K Paul

Panel Discussion | Financial Risk Management: What healthcare organisations need to learn?

Panel Discussion | Supply Chain transformations within hospitals

Radiology and Imaging Conclave, India’s specialised gathering of the best minds in radiology hosted its first edition recently. It was organised by Express Healthcare and Radiology Education Foundation on the sidelines of Healthcare Senate 2018.

Inaugural ceremony : Radiology and Imaging Conclave 2018

Radiation safety in radiology: How to protect patients and healthcare providers? | Dr P K Dash Sharma

Samsung solutions for dynamic radiology landscape | Khushboo Srivastava

Technicalities of AI in Radiology | Dr Prashant Warier

AI in radiology: Clinical perspective | Dr Vasantha Venugopal

Panel Discussion | AI in Radiology

History of teleradiology and its future | Dr Arjun Kalyanpur

Technological advancements in radiology | Mandeep Anand

Panel Discussion | Teleradiology and its future

Panel Discussion | Adding Value in Radiology

Intrinsic and extrinsic value of radiologists | Dr Bhavin Jankharia

AI conclave – Radiology and Imaging | Sanjeev S

Radiology and Imaging Conclave 2018 | Dr Sumer Sethi

Panel discussion | Education in Radiology

Panel discussion | Is radiology a viable business?

Panel discussion | The Next Big Thing

What makes a good read for radiologists | Rahul Sethi

Panel discussion | Role of Big Brother

Express Medical Imaging Awards 2018 recognises radiology heroes, game changers and frontrunners

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