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Dermozone to revolutionise wound treatment market

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Dermozone products have the capacity to clean deep wounds while also killing potent bacteria, and repair damaged skin

After extensive market study and research of the Indian market Dermozone, an Indonesia-based wound-healing and skincare products company, has introduced new range of wound care products.

Launching wound care products for chronic, acute, and burn wounds, Kayapan Satya Dharshan, Founder and Chairman, Dermozone, Indonesia, said, “The key ingredient of the products is +dalethyne, a clinically tested compound obtained from artificial segregation of naturally abundant fatty acids in virgin olive oil. It has proven effect of anti-microbial, fungicidal and anti-viral quality with deep skin-penetrable quality. Investigations have revealed that +dalethyne reduces inflammation and accelerates wound healing.”

Speaking to Express Healthcare, Dharshan said, “Wound can happen to anyone and our products are safe and unique. For example, if a diabetic patient gets a wound, it gets difficult for him/her to heal, and at times leads to amputation. It’s the same with cancer and kidney patients as they all suffer from metabolic disorders. But dalethyne is a new medicine with 15-18 compounds in it, and it has been derived after changing the compound of fatty acid in the oil and making a new 18-chemistry compound. This new 18-chemistry compound has the ability to kill germs, start a new skin and vessels. Earlier, if a doctor prescribed a patient two to three creams for a wound, he/she can now use only Dermozone, since the products have the +dalethyne to heal any skin-related issue without any side-effects. The products clean the wound produced due to bacteria and also have the capacity to clean the deep wound killing potent bacteria such as MRSA, KCP and pseudomonas aeruginosa.”

Explaining that the products are designed to handle burn from 0 to 4B categories, Dharshan said, “Even for burn injuries due to fire, electrocution, chemical and radiotherapy, the cream can be used. You just need to apply it on the burn till it heals and the cream has the same ability to repair damaged skin.”

Dharshan also mentioned that India’s wound market is on a rapid stride. He said, “We will introduce the three products that we have pan-India, and our target is that each household has a Dermozone product for treating different types of wounds.”

Dermozone has also announced its plans to launch skincare products in March. The company has partnered with Delhi-based Alniche Life Sciences, a specialty healthcare firm, to handle the marketing, sales and distribution of the wound care products.

Besides, Dermozone is in the process of identifying potential organisations in India with whom it will enter into a partnership for the entire marketing and sales of these five skin care products.



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