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‘AI will help improve caregiving with correct diagnosis’

Atantra Das Gupta, Director, Head of HME Business, Samsung Electronics speaks to Prabhat Prakash about the vision of Samsung in the future

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How is the radiology sector faring in India and where does it stand in comparison to the rest of the world?

India is moving at a slow and steady pace in the radiology sector. The US has rules and regulations in place, whereas in India, there aren’t definitive rules and regulations. The medical fraternity is working on it and hopefully, very soon the radiology and imaging sector will be well-organised and regulated, which will help the service providers as well as the consumers. Large hospitals are incorporating standard regulations and the smaller players are following suit. In due course of time, the sector should be very well-organised.

Share some promising trends for 2020 in radiology and imaging.

India, when it comes to incorporating new technologies, stands shoulder to shoulder with the rest of the world. AI is going to be the biggest game-changer in the days to come. AI is being incorporated into everything these days. The question that needs an answer to is will AI compete with or complement the doctors. We believe that it is the latter, AI won’t replace a caregiver but will help improve caregiving with an accurate and correct diagnosis. This makes life easier for the caregiver as well as the receiver.

Could you provide some insights into the new launch of your product, HERA I10?

HERA I10 is a true manifestation to connect and develop; initially, it used to be research and develop. Earlier, ultrasound was about the image quality and the features on the device. This time around, we approached the design of the product through ergonomics. With this approach, we reached out to all the doctors using our products and tried to address all the pain points that doctors, as well as patients, were facing. We took all the feedback to the drawing board and designed HERA I10. The device comes with a new form factor where the position of the patient can be controlled with a remote making it easy for the patient as well as the doctor, even the probe used by the doctor is lightweight and the doctor won’t feel the heavy burden of it when used for long durations.

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