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‘Worldwide collaboration is one of the key features of IRIA conference’

IRIA President, Dr Hemant Patel talks about the vision of IRIA 2020 and details the exciting programmes in store for attendees of this year’s event, in conversation with Raelene Kambli

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How long have you been preparing for the annual meeting? What are the challenges faced so far?

It’s been some 412 total number of days that we have been actively pursuing perfection for our upcoming 73rd annual conference of IRIA 2020 to ensure that it turns out to be a mega fest that the attending radiology fraternity would remember forever. There have been challenges along the way considering the mammoth task we have undertaken but as we stride the path we have managed to face the challenges and find apt solutions.

What are the highlights of this year’s event? What is the theme?

This year’s theme is ‘Research to Reality’ – keeping in mind the mission of promoting excellence in patient care and healthcare delivery through education, research and technological innovation.

The conference platform will highlight relevant new innovations in research and technology and bring quality education on focussed topics to radiologists around the world.

How will this year’s event be different from past editions? Is there anything new that will be introduced this year?

Various sessions that have been introduced for the first time are Armed Force Session to honour our armed force personnel; Yuva Awaaz — one-of-its-kind platform for budding radiologists of the country to present various topics and groom them for the future; Radiology Mentorship programme — aimed at providing newly-minted practising radiologists with a common platform to interact with global leaders in the field of radiology and explore the prospects of radiology career in these countries; Animal Imaging — focussing on radiological aspects of veterinary medicine; Radiology and Life — a unique session framed for financial, spiritual and mental well-being with a focus on the ‘mantra’ of striving a balance in professional and personal lives.

Another special event is the aspiring radiologists’ campaign which aims to guide the undergraduates from state medical colleges to explore radiology as a career option and provide them with an opportunity to interact with world leaders in radiology to make an informed career decision.

What will the scientific programme focus on?

The scientific programme is framed keeping in mind all sub-specialities and modalities of radiology practice. It aims to provide the experts in these sub-specialities with a platform to share their experience and impart education through a robust programme consisting of lectures, panel discussions, case-based interactions, live demonstrations, masterclasses, and resident teaching programme spanning through four days and consisting of hours of imparting education and exchange of knowledge.

Moreover, a national quiz, being undertaken in two rounds, will allow the best radiology postgraduates to compete with each other. Attendees will be able to learn from the experts. This will give them an opportunity to view the rarest of the rare cases of subspecialty radiologists through interesting session conducted by the experts.

Oral papers and poster presentations will give an opportunity to the radiology fraternity to present their work and observations on a national platform and exchange views and ideas with the experts in these fields.

Give us the highlights of the programme.

Novel sessions as mentioned above and subspeciality scientific sessions comprise an academic feast packed in these four days of the conference.

It aims to unite all radiology societies as members of a speciality team and deliver the ideal opportunity for research, educational cooperation and collaboration.

What are your expectations from IRIA 2020?

Worldwide collaboration is one of the key features of this conference. Together, we aim to form a rich tapestry of shared experiences, friendship and collegiality. It will allow each of us to expand our knowledge and enrich our lives.

What will be the footfall for this year’s conference?

Approx 4,500 people are expected to attend the conference this year.

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