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Strive to be a better version of yourself every day

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Dr Kalpana Jain, Senior Consultant Pathology, Chief of Laboratory Services, Columbia India Hospitals, Palm Vihar, Gurugram advocates being dedicated to any task one undertakes as she elaborates about her mantras for success

Talented young individuals from across the country are enabling progress in India’s diagnostic sector. Let us introduce you to one of them — Dr Kalpana Jain, Senior Consultant Pathology, Chief of Laboratory Services, Columbia India Hospitals, Palm Vihar, Gurugram. She joined this industry after completion of her MBBS and DNB (Pathology) from Dr Sampurna Nand Medical College, Jodhpur, Rajasthan and has over 11 years of experience in pathology, including a stint as a pathologist in the Indian army. She has also worked with various other reputed hospitals across the country and authored several articles in reputed peer journals. For instance, her article on ‘Expression of Her-2/neu in Colon Carcinoma and its correlation with the Histological Grades and the Lymph Nodes Status’ has been published in the Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research. Likewise, ‘A Study of Prevalence of Intestinal Worm Infestations and Efficacy of Anthelminthic Drugs’ has been accepted by Medical Journal Armed Forces India for publication.

A very motivated and dedicated professional, Dr Jain believes that caregiving is to extend help and time to support the vulnerable. Driven by this work ethos, she strives to ensure that her reports are accurate and delivered on time so that patients can seek treatment at the earliest. Thus, she is a meticulous and diligent individual when it comes to her work and considers hard work the key to success.

Acing work-life balance
Dr Jain exemplifies the modern-day, working woman who has to juggle her commitments to her professional and personal life, and this is no easy task. So, how does Dr Jain do it? Well, her approach is very practical – be organised, give equal priority to all areas of your life, manage your time effectively and use technology to make life easier.

She advises, “Manage to complete your work in your office time only. When you are at home then be completely at home and the same goes for the office too.” Emphasising on the importance of being organised, she states, “Noting down reminders are a great help.” Thus, armed with these simple yet highly effective techniques, she has managed to do justice to both, her work-life and personal life.

Pursing varied interests
The devoted doctor is a travel enthusiast, music aficionado and gadget lover as well.  Speaking about her love for travel, she says, “I like travelling a lot. Both in India as well as outside. You interact with different types of people, different types of cultures and most importantly I usually travel with my family or friends. The time which you spend with them is your best quality time with them.” Dr Jain also thinks that travelling and taking time off from work helps her to recoup her energy and be more efficient at work.

Similarly, she finds that music helps her de-stress and revitalises her spirit. So, despite her busy schedule, she makes time for her music classes twice a week. She states, “Interaction with other professionals, new friends and climate is always rejuvenating and it helps in growing your social circle too.”

Likewise, a self-professed tech-buff, Dr Jain is very fond of her iPhone and iWatch and uses them regularly to simplify things and stay up to date with things happening across the globe. She admits, “I like gadgets. It helps me to effectively manage my work and time.” Thus, her sensible and matter-of-fact demeanour is only one aspect of her multifaceted personality.

Message to peers
Her counsel is simple – Strive to be a better version of yourself every day, both personally and professionally. She underlines, “Be faithful to your work as it always helps to improve your life. And there is no doubt that if you are sincere in your work then it is always good in the long-term.”

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