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Wellnesys launches YogiFi

Wellnesys launches 'YogiFi'

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YogiFi is a yoga mat which tracks yoga postures, provides correctional feedback in real-time

Wellnesys, a start-up based in Bengaluru launched ‘YogiFi’ at CES, Las Vegas, USA, a global stage of innovators and breakthrough technologies. YogiFi, a yoga mat with a promise to deliver holistic wellness worldwide, received an excellent response from visitors across various countries and won the coveted TWICE Picks Award at the end of show.TWICE evaluates the most innovative and influential consumer technology products and they picked top 80 products among the 5700+ products.

YogiFi is an intelligent yoga mat with international patent pending technology to track yoga postures, provide correctional feedback in real-time,correlate body vitalsto track and deliver holistic wellness. What makes it noteworthy is that it goes beyond tracking footsteps, calories, heart-rate etc. Adoption of yoga is on the rise across the world and YogiFi makes that adoption easy and simply integrates it into one’s lifestyle through technology. YogiFi is powered by unique knowledge platform that aims to bring the wisdom of global yoga teachers and offers curated yoga sessions based on individual’s goals and limitations through the mat’s companion mobile application.

Co-founders Muralidhar Somisetty, Vinod Ajjarapu, Pranav Kanuparthi and Sankar Dasiga believe their product YogiFi is going to disrupt the way holistic wellness is perceived in the healthcare and fitness technology landscape. Their vision is to unify the wisdom of ancient sciences into modern technology and make the wisdom accessible to everyone in a seamless manner.YogiFi is a holistic wellness system that is seamless, personalised and non-intrusive to users.

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  1. Soumya says

    Awesome innovation to help more people to get onto yoga.

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