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Ashwini Kumar Choubey takes charge as Minister of State for Health and Family Welfare

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He pledged to work towards realising the vision of ‘New India, a Healthy India’

Ashwini Kumar Choubey took charge as the Minister of State for Health and Family Welfare at Nirman Bhawan. He took the Delhi metro to reach the nearest metro station (Udyog Bhavan) from where he then walked down to the Health Ministry to take charge. Before taking charge, he also planted five trees in the Nirman Bhavan campus.

Thanking the Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Choubey stated, “He will carry on with his efforts to implement the mandates of Ayushman Bharat and will now further push for the benefits of Ayushman Bharat to reach the very last mile people; those people who still are unable to access the services provisioned for them through this revolutionary programme of the government.

Speaking on joining office again, Choubey said, “Sarve santu niramaya’ i.e. health for all is the policy mandate of the government and he will make all efforts towards realising the same.”

Choubey further stated, “Prime Minister has visualised a new India and thus it is our responsibility that we take a pledge to work towards realising this vision of ‘New India, a Healthy India.’ The environment affects our health and hence we should make efforts to keep it clean and green, like planting trees and plants.”

He also emphasised that opting for walking and cycling over vehicles for short distances will not only benefit the environment but also keep us healthy. He appealed to everyone towards adopting a healthy habit of brisk walking or cycling for atleast 20-30 minutes each day to maintain good health.

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