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Azooka Labs unveils safe MTM to store COVID-19 samples at room temp for up to a week

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At Rs 99/- per vial, RNA Wrapr is a molecular transport medium at the price of VTM, approved by ICMR and NIV, certified by CE

Azooka Labs, patented fluorophore company focused on developing safe biotech consumables at a price affordable for all countries across the globe, launched its first range of novel COVID-19 diagnostics products.

Its first diagnostics product RNA Wrapr- molecular transport medium, is approved by ICMR and NIV, certified by CE and developed as part of the COVID-19 response team from Indian Institute of Science.

As per a company release, the Indian Institute of Science-invested startup based in Bengaluru with R&D unit at the Indian Institute of Science and manufacturing facility in Peenya Industrial Area, Karnataka was recently awarded the ‘Best Women-Led Enterprise’ at StartUp India 2020.

RNA Wrapr inactivates the virus immediately only preserving DNA/RNA content required for RT-PCR tests. The sample tubes can be stored up to seven days at room temperature and transported without dry ice or gel packs. RNA Wrapr is safe to handle even during unexpected accidental spillage or handling errors. Developing countries can collect samples in centers without BSL2 or BSL3 certifications.

Azooka’s RNA Wrapr is reportedly priced at INR 99 per vial in India, aligned with the price of one litre of petrol, to help the diagnostic centers upgrade from VTM to MTM. Azooka plans to enter the APAC market through partners with $9 and $6 pricing plans per test.

As per the Azooka website, RNA Wrapr does not require dry ice for storage and can be processed in a week. RNA Wrapr comes in 3ml in a 10ml vial with fluccoluated nylon nasal swabs.

Price starts at Rs 99 per vial for the 100 and 1000 packs, while the pack of 2000- 5000 is Rs 149 per vial. Bullk orders are also solicited.

“Azooka has actively been a part of the fight against COVID by developing PCR and RT PCR kits with support from Dept of Biotechnology and Elevate Karnataka even before the pandemic hit us,” said Alex D Paul, CEO, Azooka Labs.

“Azooka is the only startup from India working to replace Carcinogenic and Mutagenic SYBR dyes widely used in RUO and Diagnostics reagents. Safety and cost savings needed for COVID crisis management today are the highlights of Azooka’s MTM” says Dr. C V Natraj, former SVP, Corporate Research, Unilever.

“Azooka is striving to provide a safer molecular grade transport medium that is at sub Rs. 100. We are appealing to a segment of users, who care about the safety of their frontline health care workers,” stated Dr Fatima Benazir, Co-founder & CSO, Azooka Labs.

The company is open for licensing and partnerships worldwide. Governments and health organisations can directly contact Azooka for COVID-19 Crisis Management.

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