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Cardiology Today to host webinar on World Heart Day

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On this World Heart Day, Wednesday, September 29, 2021, CIMS Medica will celebrate the 25th Anniversary of its journal, Cardiology Today,  by organising an interactive webinar starting from 3 PM onwards.

The interactive webinar will have Dr O P Yadava, Dr Carlos-A Mestres and other eminent experts from India to discuss the advances and novel insights in the field of cardiology.

Express Healthcare is the media partner to the webinar.

To be part of this interactive webinar on September 29, from 3 PM onwards, get more details at

RSVP – 8169864404

Guest Speakers and Topics

TopicGuest SpeakerTimings
Welcome AddressDr. O.P. Yadava, Editor-in-Chief, Cardiology Today3:00 PM-3:05 PM
Keynote AddressDr. Carlos-A. Mestres3:05 PM–3:15 PM
Video Presentation of Cardiology Today on completing 25 yearsCIMS Team3:15 PM–3:20 PM
Insights on Covid effects in cardiovascular systemDr. Anil Dhall3:20 PM–3:45 PM
Discussion 1Dr. O.P. Yadava (Moderator)

Dr. P.C. Manoria, Dr. Anil Dhall

3:45 PM–3:55 PM
War against heart failure: The new weapons in the armoryDr. P.C. Manoria3:55 PM–4:20 PM
Discussion 2Dr. O.P. Yadava (Moderator)

Dr. P.C. Manoria, Dr. Anil Dhall

4:20 PM–4:30 PM
Joint Airway Initiative – Importance of Correct Inhalation technique in Asthmatic & COPD patients with cardiac co-morbidityDr. Agam Vora4:30 PM–4:45 PM
QuizCIMS Team4:45 PM–5:00 PM
Outro and Vote of thanksAnchor & CIMS Team4:55 PM–5:00 PM
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