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Columbia Asia Hospitals launches Suraksha Plus

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The initiative aims to motivate people to understand the importance of regular check-ups to ensure timely intervention, early detection, and preventive measures of any fatal disease

Over the past few years, healthcare has emerged as a major area of concern especially when the entire world is majorly affected by the deadly COVID-19 virus, taking the lives of millions of people. The lockdown, social distancing, and change in lifestyle have made people aware of its importance and raised major concerns around the topic. The COVID-19 pandemic has created fear in the minds of people from visiting the hospitals for regular check-ups and treatment. As a result, other health ailments apart from COVID are on a constant rise due to the lack of early diagnosis and treatment.

Columbia Asia Hospitals, Palam has launched Suraksha Plus with a range of medical benefits. Suraksha Plus card offers healthcare benefits and privileges to cardholders and their families. The facilities can be availed by patients across Palam and nearby cities.

As the hospitals are slowly opening for regular visits, the initiative has been launched to provide healthcare services at an affordable price to patients in all sections of the society. The initiative, under the guidance of best healthcare experts from Columbia Asia Hospitals, Palam aims to motivate people to understand the importance of regular check-ups to ensure timely intervention, early detection, and preventive measures of any fatal disease. Suraksha Plus comes with a range of healthcare and facilities to benefit people by offering them services like 20% discounts on OPD visits, 10% discounts on lab and diagnostics, 12% discounts on pharmacy, there will be separate counters for registration and billing. At the same time, 25% discount on ambulance services. The hospital will provide free dental, and eye checkup, 10% off on physio services, 505 off on mammogram, 25% off on annual health checkup.

Announcing the launch of the Suraksha Plus, Manish Gupta, General Manager, Columbia Asia Hospitals, Palam said, “We are extremely delighted to launch this initiative despite the ongoing pandemic and hope that maximum people could benefit from these services. At Columbia Asia, a unit of Manipal Hospitals, we put health above any other factor and are committed to ensure better healing to our people. Suraksha Plus offers benefits and privileges to the cardholders and their families. This initiative will allow us to serve the people of Palam and the nearby cities with the best of our medical services at low cost and we look forward to continue the same effort in the coming years.”

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