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CORE Diagnostics partners with Guardant Health AMEA


To improve treatment for patients with advanced stage cancers

CORE Diagnostics has joined forces with Guardant Health AMEA, a leading precision oncology company to bring their comprehensive liquid biopsy, Guardant360 to India. Guardant360 detects cell-free circulating tumour DNA (ctDNA) in blood specimens of advanced solid-tumour cancer patients and evaluates 73 genes. It tests four major classes of alterations relevant for treatment selection: point mutations, indels (insertions/deletions), copy number amplifications, and fusions/rearrangements.

Guardant Health’s proprietary Digital Sequencing method optimises next generation sequencing (NGS) for accurate tumour variant detection at the low allele fractions present in cell-free DNA. High-efficiency capture enables single molecule detection, optimising sensitivity, while unique digital barcoding and custom bioinformatics analysis optimises specificity.

On the announcement of the partnership, the Founder and CEO, CORE Diagnostics, Zoya Brar, said, “We are excited to partner with Guardant Health AMEA to bring their innovative test to India. Both the companies share a common vision to transform cancer care in India through innovation. With this partnership, we will be empowering the healthcare ecosystem with advanced diagnostic capabilities and bring hope for cancer patients in their advanced stages with just a simple blood test. The concept of liquid biopsies is relatively new and serves as an alternative option for patients who are unable to undergo invasive tumour tissue biopsies. We are thrilled to launch Guardant360 in the market soon and hope to enable more oncologists to tailor cancer treatment for advanced stage cancer patients.”

“Guardant360 can help avoid costs, complications and delays of invasive biopsies through a simple blood draw. This test is meant for advanced cancers and is changing the way cancer is tracked and treated. For patients with advanced solid tumour cancers it means the ability to gather precise genomic picture of the tumour from both your primary tumour as well as metastatic sites without the risks of a tissue biopsy. Through our partnership with CORE Diagnostics we hope to transform the way cancer is treated in India by enabling physicians to offer new treatment options with our breakthrough blood test,” Divya Mehta, Head of Corporate Development, Asia, Middle East and Africa, Guardant Health AMEA.

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