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Gleneagles Hospitals, India announces ‘I AM EMERGENCY-READY’ campaign

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Campaign across four cities – Chennai, Mumbai, Bengaluru and Hyderabad at Gleneagles Global Hospitals & Continental Hospital to help save lives during emergency

Gleneagles Hospitals India announced the launch of an emergency campaign titled ‘I AM EMERGENCY READY’. The objective of this initiative is to minimise the risk factor during medical emergencies by training citizens to administer immediate care and ensure a correct first-response treatment to a victim until specialised medical help arrives. This initiative will be executed across four metropolitan cities such as Mumbai, Chennai, Bengaluru and Hyderabad at Gleneagles facilities which consists of nine hospitals of Gleneagles Global Hospitals and Continental Hospitals.

Gleneagles Hospitals would like to conduct BLS training for individuals, corporates, everyday people like auto drivers/ roadside vendors and many, schools (students from 9th standard to 12th including teacher), parents, social workers, security guards and many. At the end of the training, a certificate and an emergency toolkit will be presented to the qualified participants.

At the end of the EMERGENCY-READY Campaign, the initiative will make an attempt to receive maximum number of pledges to help India become an emergency ready nation. In line with the BLS training which is provided by the hospitals during these three months, willingness to come forward and undertake the training is required. Post this training, an individual has to be dedicated towards helping a person in need. Gleneagles Hospitals urges every person, corporates, government bodies, Education institutions, healthcare facilities sports training centres etc to register for undertaking BLS training and take a pledge towards helping people in need of medical emergency.

Gleneagles Hospitals India will announce the winners of the ‘Good Samaritan Awards’, a felicitation programme that would acknowledge and appreciate those Good Samaritans who have helped victims in emergency cases. The programme will award Good Samaritans who have coordinated a swift evacuation in a critical emergency situation, rendered any kind of unusual support or took care of a person under a critical emergency condition, until help arrived. Nominations are open for three months from August to November. At the closing, three individuals will be identified for their presence of mind and lifesaving action, to be felicitated at a function where they will receive Rs 20,000 each.

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