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HCG introduces US FDA approved digital pathology solution

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The technology will ensure faster and accurate diagnosis, thereby improving the quality of life of patients

HCG introduced US FDA approved digital pathology solution by Philips Intellisite Pathology Solutions across all its centres in India. This technology marks a step forward in cancer treatment through precision, speed, efficiency and ease of use with immense potential to provide significant clinical benefits to both the physicians and patients.

With the advent of digitisation, anatomic pathology is undergoing an important change to keep pace with growing demands in precision medicine. Digital pathology has revolutionised the field of histopathology, by the technology of converting the entire glass slide to a digital image which can then be acquired, viewed on a medical grade monitor, annotated, archived, shared and networked across the globe.

Speaking at the launch, Dr BS Ajaikumar, Chairman, CEO, HCG said, “Pathological diagnosis is one of the most important steps in oncology and at HCG, we have always believed in organ-specific pathologists reviewing the samples. With digital pathology, the way the samples are presented and its magnification are infinitely better than the human eye reviewing them. The best advantage however, is that several people can review the slides at the same time, in separate geographies, to arrive at the best conclusion that would benefit the patient. For instance, in countries like India and Africa, where it may be difficult for patients to get expertise, digital pathology will bridge that gap. This is surely a path breaking concept and in the future, this will prove to be a paradigm shift in the way we treat patients.”

Also present at the conference, Dr Veena R, Consultant Pathologist, Head, Histopathologist, Strand Life Sciences, Bangalore said, “In this era of precision oncology, there is a need for quantitative diagnosis than just qualitative descriptive diagnosis. Integration of all relevant patient records including imaging and genomics data is the need of the hour, which is certainly not possible with analogue workflow. With Digital Pathology, we have access to all patient information at the click of a button which allows us to compare and collaborate with physicians and experts all around the country and beyond. Furthermore, it allows trained sub specialists to work on specific cases rather than taking a generalised approach. Right case to the right specialist at the right time is an important decision to not only save on the cost of wrong treatment but also to protect the patient from adverse effects of therapy.”

Digitisation of pathology services will result in improved accuracy of reports through physician and pathologist collaboration across the network ensuring faster turnaround time for patients and clinicians. Further, integration with clinical data, imaging data and genomics data will ensure that treatment protocols are tailor-made for each patient.

With the introduction of digital pathological services, HCG has moved further in revolutionising cancer treatment, making it possible to focus on improved outcomes for patients.

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