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HEAL-Thy Samvaad addresses burning issues of depression, incidence of suicide

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There has been a surge in cases of depression, suicide observed during lockdown

A surge in the cases of depression and suicide has been observed during the lockdown. But as the unlocking has started, so how to adapt physically and mentally during the period of the unlocking phase of COVID-19; how to manage the stress; how the life would be after the lockdown in the new normal and the importance of making our adversity quotient (AQ) stronger to adjust even after lockdown to avoid depression and the incidence of suicide were some of the burning issues addressed during the HEAL-Thy Samvaad.

While addressing the HEAL-Thy Samvaad and responding to the importance of adversity quotient, Dr Nimesh G Desai, Director, Institute of Behaviour & Allied Sciences said, “Adversity quotient (AQ) is a measure to see how an individual reacts or behaves when faced by a challenge of adversity in life. Therefore, we need to focus on being strong, smart and emotionally resilient. A stronger adversity quotient is required even after the lockdown to resist the cases of suicide and depression. We can restrict suicide by talking emotionally to the person in depression. We can also manage the stress level if our AQ is strong.”

Adding further, Dr Desai said “It may not be 100 here cent true in case of Sushant Singh Rajput, but as far as the drug adherence is concerned, generally, we have seen a tendency of a lot of psychiatric patients discontinuing their prescribed drugs and not adhering to the medication given by the experts and doctors which results in poor management of mental health and may also lead to suicidal tendencies.”

The issues of alleviating the fear of the pandemic and making hygiene habits a part of routine; the importance of food for a healthy body and mind; stepping out and stepping safely after the lockdown, were also addressed by the experts and discussed at length.

Deliberating on the importance of right kind of food for a healthy mind and body, Manjari Chandra, Consultant, Nutrition, Max Multispecialty Hospital, said, “Although the fear of COVID-19 is looming large, yet no need to fear rather be cautious and maintain the right diet, focus on indigenous foods, healthy lifestyle, regular exercise and home-cooked foods — these are the keys to stay healthy. We need to follow the regimen of intermittent fasting, which the Indian people have been following from time immemorial and the ancient ritual of cooking food at home with due cleanliness — these are the real mantra to stay healthy always.”

Citing an instance of Samvaad (dialogue) between Arjuna & Lord Sri Krishna from Mahabharata mentioned in Bhagwat Gita and its significance, Dr CS Pandav, President ICCIDD & Former HoD, Dept of Community Medicine, AIIMS, said, “Samvaad is a mode of education, which plays a pivotal role in making the people learn and spread the messages widely. The misinformation about COVID-19 pandemic is galore. Now, we are into the pandemic of fear, the pandemic of misery and the pandemic of migrants. Along with boosting body immunity, we need to improve our social and economic immunity to face and fight this pandemic. And we must pay respect to our healthcare workers — doctors, nurses and police who are riding the valley of death to save the people from this pandemic.” 

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