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Healthians launches blood donation service

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The service includes a free blood group test and requires the consent of a person to become a donor

Healthians has launched a free to all service on its app to connect blood donors with the receivers and their families in need. 

Healthians started this service after realising the fact that over 80000 blood samples get collected by them in a month. The recently launched platform by Healthians can be a boon for those in need of blood donation due to medical or accidental emergencies, even if just 10 per cent of the people using Healthians service give their consent to become a donor. 

The service includes a free blood group test and requires the consent of a person to become a donor. Once the results arrive back from the lab, a consenting person gets added to the donor list, and any user in need can reach out to donors either by direct contact or via the app.

“The whole idea started with a thought that we have been collecting thousands of blood samples every day since the last few years. The few millilitres of blood which is today collected for the purpose of doing a diagnostic test could have another meaningful contribution to the society at large by agreeing to be a donor without an extra effort. This was itself so motivating that we started working on it, ” said Deepak Sahni, Founder, Healthians.

Healthians phlebotomists take the consent of the patient for agreeing to be a donor and add a free blood group test for the customer who consents to be a donor. Post sample results, the donor is added to the list with a verified blood group    

Anyone using the Healthians app who might need blood donation can raise a request for a specific blood group and give their details. The app will automatically connect the receiver to all nearby donors via chat or phone almost immediately.

This service has registered over 1480 donors with over 41  for the requirement of 100+ units of blood in just a week from its launch. A donor has the option to either directly contact the receiver or to be contacted only through the app once the receiver consents to help. 


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