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Indus Health Plus launches DNAwise 2.0

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DNAwise 2.0 has expanded its horizon of genetic analysis by incorporating 17 new parameters under health, nutrition, fitness

Indus Health Plus recently launched DNAwise 2.0, a revolutionary personal genomics test. It is a genetic test that decodes the genetic makeup and informs an individual about the predisposition for various health conditions. Besides, it helps to understand the best diet and fitness regime for a person.

The advanced DNAwise 2.0 has expanded its horizon of genetic analysis by incorporating 17 new parameters under health, nutrition and fitness. In addition, a new category – ‘Habit’ has also been introduced which reports on three parameters: Alcohol dependence, Caffeine consumption, and Nicotine dependence. It has been observed that people have a tendency for high consumption of alcohol, caffeine, and nicotine in many forms like smoking, tobacco chewing etc. Genetics play an important role in determining the tendency for above mentioned habits (addictions) along with various psychological and environmental factors.

DNAwise 2.0 is a saliva-based user-friendly genetic test that can be done from the comfort of home. Indus Health Plus has a strong network across the country that provides door – to – door sample collection service for consumers.

Amol Naikawadi, Joint Managing Director, Indus Health Plus said, “The up-gradation in technology and our expertise in the field of genetics stimulated us to bring a unique platform of prevention. With the current COVID-19 situation, people have understood that maintaining good health is most important and prevention is the only best step. In an endeavour to create a healthy future for individuals by expanding the umbrella of prevention, we have launched DNAwise 2.0. It analyses the health conditions, habits, nutrition and fitness traits based on one’s genetics. It can empower people to personalise their health checkups and make informed lifestyle modifications / choices. Knowing the genetic predispositions to various health parameters helps an individual to delay / prevent the onset of the health condition by modifying lifestyle.”

“With the launch of DNAwise 2.0, we are propelling our mission to make healthcare accessible, available, and affordable. At Indus Health Plus, we believe that the culture of prevention and healthy well-being should start at an early age” added Naikawadi.

The package is available pan India, at Rs 14,999 + 18 per cent GST and includes saliva sample kit, reports, and counselling by a genetic counsellor. The test reports are more comprehensive and consumer friendly. Testing and reporting involve cutting edge technology and international standards.


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