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InnAccel Technologies wins the WBG-CES Global Women’s HealthTech awards at CES 2022

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The start-up won award for Fetal Lite, an AI powered fetal monitor which can provide accurate readings with limited infrastructure

InnAccel Technologies, a start-up known to develop globally certified medical devices in India won WBS-CES Global Women’s HealthTech award at the Consumer Electronics Show 2022. The start-up has been recognised for its pregnancy monitoring product – Fetal Lite.

Fetal Lite is AI-powered, pregnancy monitoring and labor management technology. It has been designed to increase access to adequate and timely pregnancy and labor monitoring at home and in clinical settings across cities and remote rural areas with limited infrastructure. It aims to reduce the 300,000 annual intrapartum deaths that occur every year in India, due to inadequate monitoring with current technologies.

Vijayarajan, CTO, InnAccel said, “We are honored and excited to win the WBG-CES Women’s HealthTech Award. This recognition will help us achieve our mission of bringing world-class maternal care to the most vulnerable women in the world, improve pregnancy outcomes, and substantially reduce intrapartum deaths, through Fetal Lite’s patented, AI-powered fetal monitoring technology.”

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