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Jaslok Hospital to undergo major makeover

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The hospital will strengthen its infrastructure by adding 50000 sq ft. Rs 300 crore will be invested in the revampment over the next 5-6 years

350 bedded Jaslok Hospital concluded that handling of operations and management control will remain with the hospital and rests all speculations about taking over of daily operations. Jaslok Hospital is ramping up its revampment plan with plans to add 50,000 sq ft to its current space.

Laying strong emphasis on its two key pillars of sustenance- medical expertise and quality care provided to patients, Jaslok Hospital is now committed to expand its state-of-art modular operation theatres, expanded OPD services, catheterisation laboratory, alongside other medical facilities. The expansion plan will be divided in different phases to ensure continuity of the hospital services in a full-fledged manner. The first phase of the revampment began last year. The hospital launched at the hands of Amruta Fadnavis, a 37-bedded advanced ICU with multi-para monitors, ventilators, experiential waiting area for patient relatives and shifted it on the 4th and 5th floor.

Talking about this development and putting all market speculations to rest, Jitendra Haryan, CEO, Jaslok Hospital stated, “After strategic rounds of discussion, Jaslok’s management with the goal to continuously improve efficiency has initiated a revampment project and has seen encouraging feedback from the patients as well as doctors. Looking at completion in 2023 the hospital is certain to provide not only clinical excellence but also experiential recovery which will be a unique combination in a legendary hospital like Jaslok. The hospitals’ long term vision is to create experience for the patients and patient’s family and provide them with world class facility. As a medical institution with centre of excellences focussed towards progressive ways of treatment, we are focused towards reforming and looking at Speciality departmental approach within the institution, state of the art modular operation theatres, patient friendly outpatient and day care facility, a dedicated research centre office, amongst others.”

He further added, “We feel that there is a huge opportunity to build relationships between patient and provider, and for best being known for clinical excellence, we are looking to strengthen the infrastructure of this iconic hospital by adding 50000 sq ft. Approx Rs 300 crore will be invested in the revampment over the next 5-6 years. It will be raised in a phase wise manner through combination of internal accruals and debt. We believe that for our doctors and patients, the pay-off of experiential healthcare will be profound as long-term results of patient-centred care and experience are always rewarding.”

Kanta Masand, Chairperson, Jaslok Hospital on the development said, “We want to continue the legacy of Jaslok and continue to be the hospital of choice for our patients, doctors and employees.”

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