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JCH-IN initiates mobile PHCs to combat COVID-19 in rural Gujarat

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These mobile PHCs are travelling village to village, addressing medical needs of villagers especially pregnant women who are unable to travel to PHC

In its endeavour to support the Gujarat Government in ensuring successful lockdown and encourage villagers to stay at home, Johnson Controls – Hitachi Air Conditioning India (JCH-IN) has initiated mobile primary health centres (PHCs). To combat COVID-19 it is very critical to ensure lockdown in rural areas so as to minimise the spread of the deadly virus. As part of its CSR initiative, JCH-IN has equipped its PHCs with medical specialists, paramedic and 24×7 kitted ambulance to address the medical needs of villagers at their doorsteps. Also, specially trained staff of the PHC is educating villagers on the significance of sanitisation, social distancing, immunity boosting and other preventive measures to combat COVID-19.

Gurmeet Singh, Chairman and Managing Director, JCH-IN said, “The COVID-19 crisis is one of the toughest challenges that mankind is facing today. As a socially responsible company, JCH-IN is committed to support India in fighting the COVID-19 disaster. Generating high decibel awareness around sanitisation and social distancing is a big task in front of rural India. The medical specialists provided by JCH-IN have been advising, guiding and encouraging the rural populace in Gujarat to stringently follow the various Central and State government guidelines issued on combating COVID-19. Also, timely and accurate diagnosis is provided by the medical specialists for ailments is helping the State government medical authorities to mitigate the huge overload on the medical system caused by the pandemic.”

With the advent of COVID-19 pandemic in India and its spread to Gujarat, the PHC Karannagar medical apparatus set up in the rural vicinity of Kadi, Gujarat by the CSR division of JCH-IN is completely reoriented to propagate preventive measures, address health needs and educate the villagers on basic tenets of sanitisation, social distancing and strengthening immunity.

These mobile PHCs are travelling village to village and addressing the medical needs of the villagers especially pregnant women who are unable to travel to PHC. This has not only ensured timely provision of medical intervention but also reduced risk of COVID-19 exposure by ensuring ailing elderly rural and other susceptible populace do not have to venture out. The confidence-building within the community on the ability to protect self and others against COVID-19 has been the hallmark of the CSR Health initiative of JCH-IN in this rural belt.

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