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KareXpert launches SuperApp mobility solution to enable hyper-coordinated healthcare workflows

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Available in both iOS & Android, the app will provide healthcare stakeholders with role-based access controls at their fingertips

Zeroing in on its commitment to digitise healthcare with AI-driven and customer-oriented solutions, KareXpert, the Jio-backed, SaaS-based digital healthcare platform, has unveiled its next-generation mobility solutions to streamline the overall operations of the hospitals done by caregivers and patients using SuperApp technology.

The healthcare industry in India has primarily relied on traditional means to carry out their day-to-day tasks, which often leads to poor and untimely patient care. As the world continues to bring in digital solutions to modernize its health infrastructure, there is a growing demand in the country to follow in the same footsteps. KareXpert mobility solutions are built on similar lines to empower hospitals

SuperApp is a single mobile app for caregivers and patients, allowing the usage of personnel devices (such as smartphones) and promoting branding for hospitals. As the SuperApp is a lite app that doesn’t require too much storage on the mobile device which has been a major problem with native mobile applications.

Legacy mobility solutions in the market are patched solutions, which are harder to maintain with time as new features, and new requirements come along the way. Maintaining three interfaces (iOS, Android, and web application) also requires time and money, which typically fails in most cases at the end. SuperApp is the way to go for mobility solutions, which are cheaper, better and faster for hospitals. KareXpert’s SuperApp is bundled with its healthcare platform and comes pre-integrated so that hospitals do not need to perform an additional effort to offer a 10x patient experience.

SuperApp empowers caregivers to provide hyper-collaborative and hyper-coordinated patient care within the workflow-based system. It’s available for all types of caregivers such as technicians, registration desk, billing desk, pharmacy desk, phlebotomist, administrators, and patients with role-based access to perform their functions. Moreover, the app is PwC audited and HIPPA compliant, assuring complete data security to its users.

Commenting on the launch, Nidhi Jain, Founder, and CEO of KareXpert, said, “Every stakeholder in the hospital is entitled to micro-monitor its designated department/activities. With this detailed caretaking comes our fully secured mobile app to instigate clinical collaboration and workforce management. Guaranteeing medical expertise at their fingertips, patients can use the app to book hospital appointments at different locations and get real-time updates. On the other hand, nurses can be quickly notified about emergency or routine check-ups and adjust their schedules accordingly. All this will pave the way for a new beginning of healthcare in the country, promoting seamless patient care and hyper coordinated workflow”.

KareXpert SuperApp brings three significant advantages to the table. Firstly, the comfort for caregivers of using their smartphones within the hospital creates frictionless adoption of a new digital way of working compared to tablets given by the hospital. Secondly, if caregivers use their own personnel devices, it drastically reduces the infection threat by not touching the physical files or common computers. Lastly, the device is always with the caregiver for emergency/quality care to know the admitted patient condition by means of alerts and notifications.

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