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Li-Fi technology-based communication facility to be set up at SMIMER for COVID-19 patients

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Li-Fi is more suitable in-hospital application for monitoring patient’s conditions without frequency interference with human body

COVID-19 patients in isolation wards at Surat Municipal Institute of Medical Education & Research (SMIMER), Surat (Gujarat) will get benefited from the latest Li-Fi technology. Ahmedabad based Li-Fi technology inventor, Nav Wireless Technology is going to set up Li-Fi (Light Fidelity) technology-based communication facility at SMIMER. The company has extended its expertise to provide speedy, and safer light-based communication for COVID-19 patients and all the medical professionals.

“The administration had converted the multilevel parking premises at SMIMER into COVID-19 isolation wards in almost no time. These premises are going to be equipped with the latest Li-Fi technology. We are the only company in Asia in the Li-Fi sector to receive the first commercial Li-Fi project for the healthcare sector. We will set up around 600 such units there which are completely Made In India. All the formalities related to this initiative have been completed with respective authority and we will start the commencement of the installation process very shortly”, said Hardik Soni Co-Founder & CTO, Nav Wireless Technology.

In critical care, monitoring is essential to the daily care of ICU patients, as the optimisation of a patient’s haemodynamic, ventilation, temperature, nutrition, and metabolism is the key to improve patients’ survival. Constant monitoring of the patient’s health condition in hospital is either manual or wireless fidelity (Wi-Fi)-based system. The Wi-Fi-based system becomes slow in speed due to exponentially increased scalability. In this scenario, light fidelity (Li-Fi) finds the places wherever Wi-Fi is applicable with additional features of a high-speed data network. Apart from the speed factor, Li-Fi is a more suitable in-hospital application for monitoring the patient’s conditions without frequency interference with the human body.

Commenting on the use of Li-Fi technology at SMIMER, Dr VS Srivastav, Professor and Head, Department of Medicine, SMIMER, Surat said “We saw the live demonstration for monitoring the patient’s conditions such as SPO2, ECG, HR, NIBP using respective sensors integrated with these Li-Fi transceivers. The collected data from the multipara monitors was transmitted to the sink, and further these data was processed with Li-Fi transceivers and sent to display unit in the form of graphs, charts or in required formats helpful for the doctors and paramedical staff in this crucial condition of COVID-19.”

With this, all the patients and medical staff for more than 1,000 beds isolation wards will be able to use a radiation-free communication network, connected to hospital instruments such as ventilators data, etc. Furthermore, they will access the internet with a lighting speed compared to existing Wi-Fi internet.

“NavTech Li-Fi Transceiver’s network in the hospital for monitoring the patient’s conditions such as temperature, pressure, heartbeat, glucose level, and respiratory conditions using respective sensors integrated with our LiFi Transceivers. NavTech LiFi Transceiver developed to increase the data security, high capacity, and high speed, eco friendly and with the patient safety,” said Soni.


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