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Masterclass series on Designing Better Healthcare for People

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Registrations open for sessions on September 24, 29 and October 1, from 4pm-5pm

Dextrus, a shared workspace in Mumbai in collaboration with UnLtd India, a launchpad for early-stage social entrepreneurs, brings to you a masterclass series “Designing Better Healthcare for People”. The series will showcase futuristic healthcare innovations by some of the leading healthcare innovators. These online masterclasses will be held on September 24, 29 and October 1, from 4pm-5pm. EXPRESS HEALTHCARE is the official press partner for the series.

The current crisis has exposed the urgency to expedite innovation and technological integration, in bringing creative solutions to India’s need for healthcare reform. It is critical to look at the role innovation has to play in overcoming barriers and making healthcare services more inclusive and far sighted – a necessity if any industry is to do more than simply meet the immediate demands of a crisis.

This masterclass series is aimed at highlighting some of these creative solutions that are doing just that!

The pandemic has caused a lot of us to change the way we live and work. Due to the restrictions put in place as a response to the need of social distancing, it has been a challenge to engage, track and educate the underserved and inaccessible populations of the country. How can the government, the frontline workers and the social impact enablers reach out to these populations without mobility? This is where open source technological solutions can play a pivotal role in bridging the gap in delivering sustainable healthcare impact.

The first masterclass, ‘Designing tools for delivering last mile impact’ hosted by Dimagi on September 24,  is designed to guide you through some of the path breaking work by them around designing, building and launching ICT4D systems and CommCare which their largest mobile data collection platform which is enabling governments globally in their city-wide contact tracing efforts.

While there are open source digital platforms that are ensuring healthcare efficiency and accountability, robots have emerged as a crucial part of the world’s response to pandemics. Robots can’t fall sick or catch infection, hence it is proving to be a very effective solution in handling high risk jobs where humans could be at risk of exposure.

Lack of testing kits, and hundreds of thousands of asymptomatic carriers of the virus is posing a challenge to track the extent of the outbreak.

The second masterclass, ‘Designing healthcare systems to prevent and detect future outbreaks:  A story of Robots, Poop and COVID!’ hosted by Fluid Robotics on September 29, will highlight how robotic technology can be expanded to detect new as well as recurring infections thus helping the healthcare system to prevent or prepare for further outbreaks. Investing in such technologically advanced systems can benefit manpower-strapped agencies to channel their resources to effectively provide healthcare without the burden of identification and detection.

While the robotics and the digi-tech world is crusading to reform and enhance the healthcare systems, every time the world is hit by a disaster there rises an army of people who conceptualise, innovate and implement initiatives that have impacted national and global support systems. Frugal and scalable innovation along with mobilising resources and maker communities on a national level to save the world, is the third masterclass hosted by Makers Asylum on October 1.

For more information, and to join these masterclasses visit, or email [email protected]

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