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Max Ventilator partners with Amptron Medical

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The two had recently collaborated to design a high-performance HFOT device with the view to mainly serve COVID patients

In an effort to go global, Max ventilator has worked out a technology collaboration agreement with Amptron Medical, a US-based respiratory technology company. This strategic partnership move signals India’s top ventilator manufacturer’s intent to develop world-class lifesaving breathing machines and other medical devices according to international standards and certifications. From now onwards, Max will make products based on international technical and quality standards and therefore seek international certifications. Furthermore, with Amptron’s R&D infrastructure and the team being entirely based in the US, their products will have US/international approvals.

Even as licensing, manufacturing, and global marketing, sales, and distribution details are still being worked out in detail, under the agreement, Max retains the right to marketing, sales, and distribution for the Indian market. Most recently, particularly with an eye on COVID-19, Max and Amptron Medical had jointly developed a High Flow oxygen Therapy (HFOT) device which not only affords nearly 100% chances of survival of a patient, but also entails less operating costs than a traditional ventilator, thereby emerging as a great option for Covid patients.

Ashok Patel, the founder and brain behind Max Ventilator said, “Although unfortunate, while Covid was the much-needed trigger for the Indian ventilator makers to ramp up capacities in terms of quantity, the pandemic has also given a stimulus to the need and imperative for quality of these lifesaving breathing devices. Until now, Indian products were limited to having Indian certifications. This also curtailed access to international markets for their products. However, with this joint venture with Amptron, Max intends to go truly global in its manufacturing outlook and approach to expand our presence in developed markets. With Amptron’s cutting edge technology expertise in medical devices space, we are confident that this collaboration will give a new impetus to Max’s global vision and ambition while also adding strength to India’s quest for becoming a world-class manufacturer of ventilators and other medical devices.”

Nirav Patel, CEO, Amptron Medical said, “We are indeed delighted to have partnered with Max Ventilator. With Max’s decades of medical technology-based product development experience and extensive on-the-ground market experience, this collaboration will give Amptron Medical the market access and reach it desires. We are confident that Max Ventilator will prove to be a valued partner in that regard. We are looking forward to a long and mutually beneficial collaborative relationship between the two companies.”

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