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MediBuddy unveils #BacchonSeSeekho campaign

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Initiative to prod adults into changing lifestyle choices

This World Health Day, MediBuddy launches its initiative #BacchonSeSeekho, prodding adults to unlearn bad lifestyle choices and learn afresh from kids. As adults, individuals have adapted to the changing environment, however, this adaption has also taken a toll on one’s health.

As per a release, data from online consultations on MediBuddy’s app indicate an alarming number of 1 in every 55 young adults to be dealing with lifestyle disorders – both physical and mental. One in every 10 women in India suffers from Polycystic Ovarian Disease (PCOD) and Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS).  The data shows that since the onset of COVID, MediBuddy has recorded a 45 per cent growth in consultations for weight management out of which 21 per cent are obesity related. The platform has also noted a significant surge with queries related to diabetes and hypertension.

The digital campaign reportedly draws parallels and highlights the stark differences in lifestyle habits of children and those of adults. Accentuating the fact that how as adults, we have adopted lifestyle measures obstructing our wellness. The aim of the campaign revolves around encouraging adults to unlearn these unhealthy routines and to embrace healthy practices.

The campaign signs off with the line, “As kids, we learnt all the healthy habits. Is it time to unlearn and go back to what we knew as kids?” Links to the campaign are Facebook here, Instagram here and LinkedIn here

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