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Medikabazaar collaborates with Wipro to roll out COVID-specific Made in India products for workplaces

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Launches MedSmart and MedScan to offer contactless attendance, sanitisation, and body temperature measurement solutions for organisations as India gears up to resume business onsite

With a thrust upon Atmanirbhar Bharat  and a strong intent to ensure safety and hygiene of the workforce, Medikabazaar has teamed up with technology giant Wipro to promote the deployment of two specially engineered, superior quality, Made in India products at workplaces. The products MedSmart and MedScan facilitate contactless attendance and real-time body temperature measurement solutions for the businesses as the nation readies itself to resume operations onsite. The functioning of both the gadgets aligns with the new safety and hygiene protocols crucial amidst the pandemic. The move implements systematic precautions for all workers which can not be left to an individual’s discretion as workplaces reopen.

MedSmart is a new-age product that offers complete post-COVID office solutions. It leverages a deep learning algorithm to enable touch-free attendance through face recognition technology, detect real-time body temperature and face mask compliance. Besides, the machine comes with an inbuilt automated hand sanitiser dispenser which makes entering the office a completely contactless experience. The product boasts of Central web and mobile dashboard, offline support, live tracking, and customisation features. The health dashboard updates as soon as employees are scanned and maintain their day-to-day health information.

MedScan is an all-utility device applicable to every single work establishment. It comes with an automated hand-sanitiser cum IR thermometer which reflects the measured temperature on the LED screen.

It is worth noting that door handles and biometric attendance devices are common touchpoints and house a host of bacteria and viruses. Deploying the smart gadgets, MedSmart, and MedScan at the entry points of organisations will help in minimising the risk of contamination among the workforce. This will significantly help in fostering confidence among the employees to resume work from offices.

Medikabazaar has been into many partnerships since the outbreak to facilitate the unrestricted movement of essential medical equipment for healthcare establishments across the country. Earlier, the medtech company had collaborated with several corporates for supplying COVID-specific equipment and gears to enable smooth and secure offline transitioning of workplaces.

Commenting on the development, Vivek Tiwari, founder and CEO of Medikabazaar said, “Technology is at the forefront of mankind’s battle against all threats and COVID-19 is one of them. Having seen the economic repercussions of the pandemic, we can say that the need to protect our work environment is now more than ever. Utilising sophisticated technology, both the products offer solutions instrumental in restoring normalcy in the offices. They are the first line of defense against the contagion at workplaces and a step towards self-sufficiency as both the products are made in India.”

Pratik Kumar, CEO, Wipro Infrastructure Engineering, said, “The need to protect employees and ensure their safety is now more paramount than ever. Prevention is critical. Organisations want to follow all safety and protection precautions diligently and not leave it to an individual’s discretion. Our products perfectly enforce it.”

Sankara Srinivasan, Founder, CEO, said, “Our IoT product ensures COVID-19 compliance in a fully automated manner. It will save the cost and risk of security personnel being deployed for this purpose. Using cutting edge technology of computer vision and face recognition, we are able to make a world-class quality product.”

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