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The service Call Onco offers support to patients to get their questions answered, with queries ranging from current treatment status, diagnosis, precautions against COVID-19 has introduced a tele-consultation service to help cancer patients and care givers get advice from oncologists through a telephonic call or video conferencing. The recently launched tele-consultation service Call Onco offers support to patients to get their questions answered, with queries ranging from their current treatment status, diagnosis, and precautions against COVID-19. The tele-consultation will be 20 minutes long and will be scheduled within 24 hours.

For patients who are looking for a detailed treatment advice, Onco offers a premium online opinion service called ‘Onco Tumour Board’; where patients and their caregivers can get detailed treatment advice in the form of an online report from a multi-disciplinary panel of senior oncologists. Every patient who opts for the tumour board service gets a complimentary Call Onco service as well and they can schedule the call before or after their report is shared. 

Commenting on the launch of Call Onco, Dr Amit Jotwani, Co-Founder and Chief Medical Officer,, says: “Cancer patients undergoing active treatment or those with blood cancers have reduced immunity and they are at a much higher risk of acquiring COVID-19 infection. They need to be more careful about prevention. As patients are unable to travel and consult doctors, we have also started ‘Call Onco’ service to help them speak with oncologists and get specialist guidance regarding their treatment and address their concerns and doubts. At, we have also taken the responsibility to create awareness about COVID-19 precautions for cancer patients and we are releasing informative videos and articles to spread the right information.” 

With the novel virus COVID-19 being declared a pandemic, world over citizens are being urged to take precautionary measures and #stayhome to restrict the spread. Those with a higher risk of getting infected are people with a lower immunity such as the elderly, children under the age of two, and those already suffering from a medical condition, including cancer. Patients undergoing treatment tend to have a lower immunity which makes them more vulnerable to infections, and so are strongly advised to remain in self-quarantine and / or in isolation. 

Rashie Jain, CEO and Co-Founder,, says, “We are working very closely with our oncologists and hospital partners to ensure continuity of care towards cancer patients, especially during the COVID19 pandemic. In addition, every cancer patient at is assigned a designated care manager who will engage with them throughout their treatment journey. Our hope is that cancer patients feel safe and connected with our oncology ecosystem at all times whether or not they can travel.” is also offering appointment bookings for patients who need to start their treatment now. There are several hospitals and cancer clinics in India that are currently treating cancer patients and are open for consultations. The company is working with them to offer appointment booking services to patients with the nearest hospital. To get an online opinion or to schedule a call with oncologists, patients and caregivers can visit or call on +91-7996579965. Care managers from will speak to them and take their details and reports, which will be shared with the oncologist(s) for better understanding of the case.

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