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PyraMed Telemedicine launches ‘Second Opinion Service’ for patients in rural areas

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The service has already been initiated in Maharashtra but being net-based, is easily available for patients all across the country

PyraMed has announced a tie-up with doctors in rural places to bring second opinion services for patients in rural areas. The service has already been initiated in Maharashtra but being net-based, is easily available for patients all across the country.

Dr Ketan Parikh, Director, PyraMed Telemedicine explains the need for a timely second opinion in healthcare, “The human body is complex with multiple systems which are interrelated. Diseases too are not selective of only affecting one system and can impact many systems when they come to the body. The diseases can enter from one system and show symptoms from some other system. We have seen this in Covid which entered from the nose but some patients had problems with their intestine, some had issues with the lungs, others encountered liver or kidney problems, and many also had problems with the brain. Medical information is expanding at a rapid pace. It is impossible for one to keep a track of all the information which is available today. So one has to use the expert’s skills to be analyse and judiciously apply for ensuring safe use of all this information”

Dr Parikh added, “Most simple and common ailments will easily be managed by the primary doctor or the family doctor. In case, the symptoms persist and if they are not sorted out or the situation becomes serious then one will need an expert opinion or a second opinion for medical management. The benefit of a second opinion is that the expert or the specialist combines information with experience and the sense of judgment for its ideal application to the disease process. This also helps for optimum utilisation of the medicines, the investigation facilities available, and avoiding their overuse or misuse. COVID has taught us the need for specialty care and an opinion. Specialty care is often life-saving. A timely and structured mechanism for getting a second opinion will not only benefit the patient but also provides an opportunity for case-based learning for the primary doctor. This will improve the level of overall healthcare in future.”

This tie-up aims to bring together the best medical and surgical opinions so that patients get an appropriate treatment based on expert advice.

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