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Solve.Care launches Global Telehealth Exchange network for India

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HealthLink Technologies will be the Indian distributor for GTHE

Solve.Care has announced the launch of its Global Telehealth Exchange (GTHE) network for India. GTHE is an open borderless, instant patient-doctor teleconsultation healthcare network that operates on the Solve.Care platform. The official distributor for GTHE in India is HealthLink Technologies, a healthtech company headquartered in Pune.

GTHE acts as a global directory of physicians worldwide for patients, and once doctors complete a strict verification process, they can set and publish their own rates, credentials, availability, and start accepting appointments from patients anywhere in the world (where legislation permits). Access to patient medical records and data are owned and controlled by the patients themselves.

Doctors who sign up on GTHE are assigned a Global Telehealth ID with their professional profile published on the network, enabling patients worldwide to easily find and book appointments with them. It cuts out the middleman by putting the doctor directly in touch with the patient in a convenient and secure manner. On GTHE fix their own consultation charges, duration of consultations and availability. In addition, the automated features of GTHE eliminates the administrative burdens doctors are saddled with in a traditional practice. GTHE is also designed with other features that help doctors provide preventative care and continuity of care to facilitate better patient outcomes.

It is rapidly expanding around the world. In addition to patients in India, patients from Bangladesh, Bahrain, Brazil, Kenya, Kuwait, Nepal, Nigeria, Oman, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka, and UAE can also access Indian registered doctors through GTHE for consultations.

Patients can access GTHE through the Care.Wallet app, Solve.Care’s personal healthcare companion application downloadable from the Google Play Store and Apple Store.

Pradeep Goel, CEO, Solve.Care said, “The application of blockchain technology for healthcare provides an opportunity revolutionize healthcare in India. Even today, if you wanted to book an appointment with a specialist, it is not uncommon for you to have to wait for over a month. However, with Global Telehealth Exchange, patients can now have a consultation with a doctor or specialist anywhere in the world, almost immediately. By removing barriers to accessing healthcare, we anticipate GTHE to generate billions in new revenue for doctors by serving the unserved population.”

Dr B. S. Ratta, Director, HealthLink Technologies said, “The launch of the Global Tele Health Exchange in India is a milestone for telemedicine in India. As an open network with its many features, Global Telehealth Exchange helps doctors to not only become more efficient medical practitioners, but more effective ones for the benefit of their patients. In addition, with many Indian nationals working abroad, I am sure they will be comforted in having the ability to have a teleconsultation with doctors back home. I am confident doctors in India will recognise the value GTHE will bring to their medical practice.”

GTHE provides instant payments to doctors through the SOLVE token. GTHE earns its revenue through a small service charge as a percentage of the rates determined by the doctor.

The SOLVE token is a global healthcare digital currency that is native to Solve.Care. It is widely accessible on different trading platforms, as well as directly in the Care.Wallet.

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