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Telemedicine a boon for working millenials

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Telemedicine is a promising platform which provides emergency consultation across segments

The healthcare scenario in India is evolving every day. Taking into consideration India’s diverse landscape, various technologies have been considered and implemented to increase accessibility to affordable and quality healthcare. Telemedicine is one such technological advancement that has been growing in India and is benefiting many across various regions. It has been especially a boon for working millenials in large MNCs and corporates where it becomes difficult for many to take out time from their busy schedule and visit a doctor.

According to a research report by Mintel, Indian employees put in more hours at work – 52 hours a week – than their counterparts in any other country. Given such busy and hectic schedule, there hardly seems time for employees to visit their doctors, which in turn affects the overall performance of the employee, which in turn reflects in companies’ performance too.

An employee’s well-being should be company’s biggest concern, as it is because of them that the company runs and flourishes. This is where telemedicine has become the helping hand for MNCs and large corporate. Many corporates have tied up with various telemedicine platforms to help provide medical consultations to employees who are unable to visit a doctor. Telemedicine is a promising platform which provides emergency consultation across segments that includes medical, paediatrics (kids), psychology, diet and nutrition, gynaecology, dermatology, psychiatry, sexology and homeopathy. It is a convenient mode of addressing health issues of employees who otherwise are very busy or travelling. The employers are also realising the many benefits of telemedicine and how it is helping them increase their employee productivity. They are also encouraging their employees to be more mindful of their health and wellness and are pushing to make maximum use of telemedicine services.

To make it more inclusive and attractive for their employees, many MNCs are offering several benefits to their employees including free consultations for the employee’s family members, 24x7x365 availability that in turn boosts long-term association with the company, which in turn increases productivity, reduces absenteeism, greater employee satisfaction and also reduced avoidable visits to urgent care facilities, which gradually allows for further cost saving.

Telemedicine apps work 24×7 allowing voice or video call to a doctor and can be accessed via any smart phone without stepping out of the office. It helps in bridging the gap between doctor and a patient as employees of the companies which have tied up with telemedicine providers and their families can consult any specialist at the convenience of their own home and city without the additional cost of travel and waste of time.

In the last year, telemedicine has grown exponentially in India. It has paved a new way for doctor consultations. As per a report by ASSOCHAM, India’s telemedicine market, which has been growing at a compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of over 20 per cent, holds the potential to cross $ 32 million mark by 2020 from the current level of over $ 15 million.

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