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Thyrocare, Datar Cancer Genetics launch blood-based cancer screening profile

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The circulating tumour cell cluster detection technology is clinically proven with a sensitivity of 90 per cent, a specificity of 97 per cent and an overall accuracy of 94 per cent

Thyrocare and Datar Cancer Genetics have announced the launch of a cancer screening profile. This consists of ‘Easycheck360’, a cancer screening test for the early detection of 16 types of cancers that are processed by Datar Cancer Genetics (Datar), and Thyrocare’s popular wellness profile ‘Aarogyam.’

Datar’s cancer detection technology is based on the discovery of the new systemic hallmark of cancer i.e. circulating tumour cells and their clusters (C-ETACs) which are extensively present in cancer patients much before any clinical evidence can manifest and virtually undetectable in asymptomatic individuals.

Dr Velumani, CEO, Thyrocare, said, “Cancer, the growing and most devastating disease, has no reliable screening tests for early diagnosis so far. Easycheck360 launched by Datar Cancer Genetics has the potential to fill in the void and can impact early cancer diagnosis immensely.”

Rajan Datar, MD, Datar Cancer Genetics, said, “Easycheck360 is a breakthrough test for the detection of most solid organ cancers such as breast, ovary, lung, colon and liver cancers. Our technology is very sensitive and specific to detect circulating tumour cell clusters in the blood, which is by far the most powerful evidence of malignant activity in the body.”

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