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Windlas Biotech and Mateon Therapeutics to launch combined lung therapy, AI Telemedicine solution

The objective is to transform respiratory wellness

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Windlas Biotech in partnership with Mateon Therapeutics launched the integrated solution for respiratory wellness in India.

In India, around 100 million people suffer from respiratory problems with key challenges pertaining to lack of cost-effective and lab-free methods for early diagnosis of diseases.

The product, PulmoHeal is a broad-spectrum, lung therapy food supplement that is supported by a multi-centre rigorous clinical study and integrated with its own Telemedicine AI based platform to offer continuous 360 care for patients in India.

Developed from extract of the indigenous plant Artemisia, the active component of PulmoHeal, Artemisinin, has been known to exhibit multiple pharmacological activity against inflammation, viral infections, and lung repair.

It will be available on online channels, Amazon, Flipkart and from 28 February, and PulmoHeal can be taken periodically by those affected by respiratory viral infection, asthma, hay fever, or smokers and even those living in smog infested cities to improve their lung health and breathing functions.

The combined drug + AI telemedicine 360 solution is being launched to transform respiratory illness. It consists of three components: 1) The drug PulmoHeal clinically shown to be effective against respiratory problems
2) An AI lung health assessment tool called ArtiHealth
3) A post-marketing survey (PMS) platform to crowd-source user experience for new indications.

Hitesh Windlass, MD, Windlas Biotech, commented, “Windlas is the first company in the world to bring forward an integrated consumer-centric solution to respiratory health. PulmoHeal is a unique combination of cutting-edge manufacturing, clinical drug development, and artificial intelligence (AI), which harnesses the power of traditional and modern science. The ARTIHealth model can be replicated for a range of therapies including monitoring COVID-19 infection. Our work with Mateon on PulmoHeal has been accepted by leading peer-reviewed journals in modern medicine and we shall continue to build on our momentum in bringing 360 degree solution to all facets of healthcare.”

Saran Saund, CBO, Mateon, commented, “To date, SOC for mild and moderate COVID patients is primarily limited to self-quarantine due to a significant strain of medical resources, without any drug therapy. Such patients can benefit from PulmoHeal. We are optimistic that our solution will be beneficial even beyond current pandemic by empowering the patients and reducing burden on healthcare providers”.

Dr Vuong Trieu, CEO, Chairman Mateon said, “We are pleased to be able to leverage on the deep tradition of Indian medicine and advance artificial intelligence and supercomputing technologies under one umbrella to create this innovative solution to healthcare, one which we hope to replicate throughout the world across multiple indications.”

Dr Vuong further added. “Through our post-marketing survey platform, we hope to democratise drug development through patient driven research. With our continued drive to remove inefficiencies from drug development and clinical trial processes, the platform sets the stage for continual improvement of drug development and clinical trials by democratising the drug development process.”

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