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To ensure better delivery of care


Dinesh Samudra, CEO, Director & Co-Founder, Dr Abhay Chopada, Director & Co-Founder and Nilesh Jain, Director & Co-Founder, CliniVantage, in an interaction with Express Healthcare, talks about how CliniVantage has been able to streamline processes and address the traditional challenges in the healthcare sector

What is your opinion on the future of healthcare technologies for India?

Dinesh Samudra

There is only one doctor per 1,700 citizens in India, their unwillingness to work in the rural hinterland is another. Rural healthcare facilities have revealed poor infrastructure, non-availability of even the basics. Medical devices industry was at a nascent stage of development from 2000-12. The pharma industry received $10 billion of FDI whereas as this industry didn’t even receive 2 per cent of it. The situation is problematic.

The healthcare industry is getting patient-centric. India’s HCIT is expected to be at $1.45 billion in 2018, with CAGR of 30 per cent YoY.

The current care system relies on paper-records, which leads to inefficiencies and impacting the quality of treatment. Technologies like mobility, digitisation, cloud storage, big data and AI are changing the way care can be delivered and this is where Clinivantage makes a difference.

Clinivantage Technology is used to streamline processes and address the traditional challenges. Some of the technologies that would shape the future of healthcare industry in India may be PaaS, IoA, instant device IoT integration and AI, ML, telemedicine like Clinivantage.

What role AI and cognitive technologies will play to build a strong healthcare system for India?

Dr Abhay Chopada

Complex Predictive ML with big data AI, Clinivantage can help with accurate diagnostics of patients. Telemedicine becomes a reality with data repositories and using big data analytics to deliver rapid and accurate diagnostics to the patients remotely and timely. Clinivantage AI and ML will help doctors diagnose and predict the likelihood of treatment success.Clinivantage makes healthcare providers smarter to ensure better delivery of care. Predictive analysis, with smart algorithms mine patient’s data set; complete with previous diagnoses, treatments or genetic information to provide better patient-centric outcomes. CliniVantage will help support doctors’ decisions. The doctor will have more context to patients, easing the complex and intuitive nature of future care. This technology helps doctors in treatment and interpreting the qualitative signals and personalised nuances that patients reveals, making care more outcome focussed and hyper personal.

How do you see the health technology market growing in India?

Nilesh Jain

Today, we go to a doctor when sick, more episodic. At Clinivantage, we see healthcare as a service where doctors, hospitals and payers are actively involved in your care and take on preventive intervention. CliniVantage makes this possible with IoT, DoT devices and other wearables, with access to real-time data, one day in near future making it possible to predict if the patient is likely to fall sick and, thus, take measures.

Thus, with access to data and analysis, health practitioners can practise remote monitoring in real time, which means with CliniVantage, providers can pre-analyse and take decisions faster. CliniVantage alerts immediate intervention need if glucose levels are problematic, or blood pressure or cardiac issues are analysed sending both caregiver and patient a message saying, “Alert! Doctor on the way!.” or evening sending a nurse home.

CliniVantage will revolutionise patient-doctor relationships. Thus, the way healthcare practitioners deliver care will change and become more personalised and outcome focussed.

What is your market share?

We are a startup that is 15 months old, with product launch about 3 months ago, given that we have tremendous traction with 5M consumers and 10 M ‘structured’ consumer records.

What is your current turnover from the Indian market?

This year the projected revenue is between $1.5M to 3M.

You have recently had a global strategic partnerships. Tell us more about the partnership and how this will add value to your current business?

We believe in scale through partnerships and creating an eco system that will help focus on the skills and leverage strengths of all partners in the value chain, including companies like IBM Global services, Hitachi , EDS, Edifecs, SAH Global, etc.

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