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Five reasons why business travel is good for your mental health

The benefits of travel are innumerable and if you get an opportunity to work and travel, then it is surely the icing on the cake, shares Dr Malini Saba, Founder, Saba Industries and Saba Family Foundations

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Travelling is a vital part of a common man’s life these days. There are some people, who, in fact, just live because they want to travel around the world. They earn for the first half of the year and then go on to spend the money earned on travel for the next half of the year. The benefits of travel are innumerable and if you get an opportunity to work and travel, then it is surely the icing on the cake. Following are the five benefits of a business travel for your mental health

Helps you break the monotony
Our brains have a way to save data about how we do things on a daily basis and how the data gets stored into our brains in the form of subconscious memory where we repeat the tasks every day. Right from knowing where to hang the keys to what route to take to work, we repeat it every day and thus not much mental effort is being put into the brains. The routine is fixed and the work becomes mechanised. After a point, the tasks begin to become a bit boring. There seems to be nothing new or exciting in life. In such a scenario, it is important to look for something outside the monotony or the rhythm. That is when business travels come to your rescue. You will have the joy of having to do something that you do not do on a regular basis and the change is definitely a healthy break for your brain.

You get to explore new places
Change is an important part of anyone’s life, as they say, ‘change is the only constant.’ After working for months in the same place with the same kind of people and the same environment, it is normal to crave for something different that breaks the monotony. However, when you do not have the time or the money to travel to different places, then business travel is a blessing in disguise. You get to do some work because of which you do not have to feel guilty about traveling, while you leave the work behind. Moreover, at the same time, you can go ahead and break the same old routine that you have been following for all these days and indulge in a new experience by getting into a new place or environment.

You get to meet new people
They say that you are, as a person, an average of the five people you surround yourself with. So, you will be having more or less the same qualities that the people you see around you have on a daily basis. Nevertheless, when you get to travel outside of your city on a business trip, you will get to meet all new and different kinds of people who have different kinds of world views and opinions as compared to the people you used to hang out with at your workplace. This is good for your mental health because it makes you look at the bigger picture of life. You become more accepting and respectable of the different beliefs that other people hold and become a calmer person in general with no prejudices against anyone.

You get some alone-time
The travel time will definitely give you some alone time to declutter the chaos that has been going on in your head and revolves around the work, family and children. A business trip is a perfect way to take that time alone to put your thoughts together and unclutter the chaos. Sipping a nice glass of tea and enjoying the solitude and tranquility is a mental break that everyone deserves, from time to time.

You get new experiences
The food, the culture and the people are all a part of the new experiences. Furthermore, you will learn how to figure things out on your own and that is really an enriching experience to be able to venture through the city alone and gain some confidence towards being able to do things on your own.

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